The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

50 years

So, I haven't been around again for a while.  I haven't really been busy, I think I'm over blogging, ha! I do have some things to say/tell, I just have to see if I can get myself to write it.

You see the title, 50 years?  I got a letter in the mail on Saturday from my elementary school alumini informing me that that's how long it's been since I graduated from 8th grade.  WHAT!!!  It was so kind of them to remind me of that - not!

Anyhow, I guess every year they have an alumini picnic and they invited me.  I can't even imagine how they found me.  It was kind of crazy...  I won't go.  I mean I don't even go to my high school reunions although everyone I told about this wants me to go.  I don't even remember hardly anyone from way back then.

Although an interesting fact, one of the women that is on the committee that I graduated with, is married to a guy who was one of my boyfriends in high school.  She didn't go to the same school we went to.  I found out about this several years ago and couldn't believe it. I admit it would be interesting to find out how they found each other.   When people say it's a small world all I can say is - hell yes it is ;-)