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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


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I got this from the unusual words dictionary...  

xanthophyll - substance causing yellow color of autumn leaves

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


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You know how sometimes you don't go to a wedding for years and years, then bam a lot of them.  We had three weddings to go to this year.

The first one was in May.  Our nephew's son got married.  It was at a kid's campground. They got married outside.  It happened to be a beautiful, sunny on the warmer side day.  To save money, they did all the decorating on the inside for the reception. The mom, aunt and the bride made the food which was excellent.  I don't know how they did it for all those people.  I thought they had such a unique cake.  Naturally, it's a crummy picture (typical for me) but I had to crop it from a bigger(kinda shaky) picture, but I think you can get an idea of what it looked like.  It's like slabs of a tree.  It was so neat and like nothing I've ever seen before.  Something you also can't see, is their initials in a heart on it like it was carved into the tree.

The second wedding we went to was in August.  One of my Dinner Friend's daughter's got married.  She is a physical therapist and he is (wait for it) a rocket scientist, no kidding.  They had a beautiful ceremony in a Church and they even hired a gospel choir that sang a couple of songs.  At the recessional, the choir sang 'O Happy Days' and we all clapped.  How fun!  I didn't know until we were at the wedding but a week before the wedding my friend had to have an emergency appendectomy.  Wow!  She was in good shape though for the wedding. Their reception was at a ballroom at a golf course.  Before you came inside they had a sign.  I thought this was such a cool idea, writing down the distance of how far it was for the guests to come.

The third wedding was for a Dinner Friend's son.  Her son and my son were in junior and high school together and would hang out sometimes.  He lives in Columbus now so we had to travel there. Magellan's boyfriend drove.  It's about two hours and we spent the night. Another beautiful Church wedding.  They  had their reception at a country club.  The cocktail hour was outside.  The bride loves Disney. This was their wedding cake.  After the wedding they were going to spend 3 days there before going on a regular honeymoon at a later time. 

The bride had flip flops that people could change into at the reception (which was a cute idea).  They also had favors of glasses etched with their names and the wedding date and matchbooks.  They had a memory table with wedding pictures of their grandparents that passed away and also wedding pictures of them as well. Luckily, we were able to take a shuttle to and from the reception.

All in all, three weddings and three absolutely gorgeous weather days. 

Monday, October 20, 2014


When Mom left my house, after living with us for almost a year, and had to go to the nursing home, we kept her dog, Corky.  After a couple of years when hippie and I went on vacation and he stayed with my brother, he decided he would keep him.   This week my brother had to put him to sleep. He was about 14 years old or a little older.  He was having a hard time walking, he hadn't been in good shape for a while.  Here's a picture of him from last Thanksgiving.  He had really gotten gray.

He wasn't too happy getting his picture taken, ha!

He was such a good dog, although my brother and sister-in-law always called him 'Rain man.'

I feel sad but my brother is crushed.  I think it has something to do with mom and it's really the last tangible connection he had to her.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Just my luck, that nurse that has Ebola traveled to and from Cleveland Hopkins Airport on Frontier Airlines, ugh.  I made travel plans for hippie and I to go to Vegas before the end of the year.  Guess which airlines I picked to fly on?   Frontier, OMG.  We've never flown with them but the price was good plus the flying times were perfect.  It just figures!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


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I bought some new fall decorations and made this little vignette. Not sure about it but it will do for now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


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I mentioned that hippie didn't plant a vegetable garden this year as well as flowers in the front.  Therefore, this is what out front has looked like most of the summer.  Nasty, huh?

However on the other side, some of the mums came up and a few marigolds popped up by themselves.  Still not pretty though.

We talked to the guy cutting our grass and he suggested if hippie didn't want to plant flowers anymore (which he said he doesn't) that he could put stones down.  We also then can put some kind of planter stands out with flowers.  I think we've decided to do that but will wait until the spring.  Magellan said she would take the mums so in the spring hippie will uproot them and we will give them to her.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


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One of my friend's who had no tattoo's got two tattoo's in two months (say that last part a few times, ha tongue twister).  The first one she got in May.  She is a big Brown's fan so she got the Cleveland Browns Elf logo on her leg.  If you want to read more about how the elf came to be check out this site.

The second one she got was in June for her birthday. It's for her three children.  She wanted it on her wrist but she is very small and thin so they had to move it up a little.