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Friday, May 31, 2013

Mary Story - One last thing

Last week was the end of my posting the Mary story.  I have a lot more written but I've come to a standstill again with it.

If anyone's read/or eventually reads through it, I would like any opinions on it.  Email me about it.

I'm thinking of changing Mary's name to something else, ha!!  I think I'm sick of the name.  What do ya' think?

Do you like the story at all?  Likes or dislikes?

Anything other opinions would be helpful with me going forward with it.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Random thoughts

1.  I put the air conditioning on last week for a couple of days.  Then turned the heat back on when it went into the 30's - 40's during the night later in the week.  In a few more days looks like it will be back to the air conditioning.  Ohio weather - you gotta love it. 

2.  Every night before I go to sleep I make a mental list of all I want to get done the next day.  Then I don't do it, ha!

3.  Sunday was Mom's birthday.  She turned 86.  We took a cake for her and the residents.

4. Here are the flowers on the patio I wanted to post last week but couldn't.  This week they posted.  Go figure!!

5.  I remember when I was young my mom always buying the poppy from the veteran's for Memorial Day or Decoration Day as she likes to call it.  I haven't seen them for a while but I knew they still existed.  Over the weekend we had to stop by the grocery store and sure enough there was a vet outside with the poppies.  We bought one.  Remember those that died serving our country and hoping that fewer die in the future.  Have a good Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Centus #161

The prompt this week:   'All gave some.   Some gave all."

Number of words:  106 total (including the six words of the prompt)
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any

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All gave some. Some gave all” she heard in her mind. 

As she looked for his name on the wall, memories came flooding back of a young couple in love who were going to be married when he returned.

Tears came to her eyes when she saw his name and she caressed it with her fingers. 

She felt her husband’s arm around her as they walked away.

“Are you okay Marie?”

“I’m fine, how about you?”

“I’m good.”

“You know I love you and you’re the one, right?”

“No doubt about it” he said smiling.

She stopped and touched his face and he kissed her palm.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Mary #62

This is a continuing story.  If you want to read from the beginning, please go to my side bar to the labels and click on story-Mary or click here.


This is the last chapter of Mary I'm posting.


Eli went in the fridge and got sausage out and two different kinds of cheeses.  He got out two kinds of crackers and a cutting board.

“Mary, get some plates of out that cupboard right next to the sink.  You can put the crackers on them and I’ll start cutting the sausage and cheese.”

Mary got some plates out and starting putting the crackers on the plate when she heard her cell phone ring.  

“Excuse me” she said.

“Hello…Thank you for calling doctor…I’ll pick her up in the morning.  Bye”

Mary went back to the counter “Lulu’s doing pretty well” as tears came to her eyes.

Eli hugged Mary. 

“That’s enough crying for one day from me” she said.  “I know Lulu’s in good hands and I’m not going to worry about her for now.”

“Okay, let’s get this food ready, I’m starving” Eli said.

Mary got the crackers put on the plate and Eli finished cutting up the sausage. 

She said “Why don’t you let me do the cheese and you can find that wine” and she laughed.

Eli went and got the wine and opened it up.  He poured a glass for her and then took the crackers into the living room and put them on the big coffee table.   

“It’s a little warm but would you like a fire?”

“Oh yes” Mary said.

As the fire started crackling Mary was done with the cheese and sausage and she put them on the coffee table.  “Do you have any napkins?”

Eli went into the kitchen and said “Nope, we’ll have to use paper towels.”

“That’s good enough” and he brought them in and sat next to Mary.

“What do you think TV or would you like to listen to some music on the radio?”

“Music would be fine with me.”

He turned the radio on to a classic rock station and said “How about this?”

“It’s great.  Hey I haven’t seen your dog.”

“He’s outside roaming the woods.  When he wants in, trust me he’ll let us know.”

They listened to the music while they ate. 

“I really love classic rock, does that mean I’m getting old” Mary said.

“That must mean I am too.”

A love song came on “I remember this was so popular when I went to high school dances.”

Eli stood up and said, “Miss Jenkins, May I have this dance?”

“You certainly may.”

Mary got up and put her arms around the back of his neck.

He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close.  Mary closed her eyes and they swayed back and forth to the music.  When the song ended, they kept dancing the same way even thought a rap song came on.

Suddenly, they heard a howling from outside that interrupted their dancing. 

“I guess that must be Ralph” Mary laughed.

“I told you we would know when he wanted to come in” and he went to the door and opened it.

When Ralph came in and saw Mary he was excited.  He jumped on her pushing her to the couch and kissing her all over. 

“Ralph, stop that.  Get off her” Eli said pulling the dog off Mary.  “Ugh, you’re all wet and you stink too.  Sorry, he must have been in the creek.” 

“That’s okay, I guess he likes me.  I hate to tell you this Ralph but you need a bath.

“And your clothes are all muddy.”

Mary looked and said “Yuck, you’re right.”

“Let me get you something to change into.”

“Why don’t we give Ralph a bath first?  Where do you do it?”

“I usually just take him in the shower.  I always get wet anyhow.  But you don’t have to help.”

“No, I want to.  It will be fun.”

“Okay, but I’m telling you.  You’re going to get wet.”

“That’s okay.”

“Bath time Ralph, follow him he knows where it is.  I’ll get his soap. Go on Ralph.”

She followed Ralph and he went right through what looked like Eli’s bedroom and into the bathroom, right into the shower and waited.

Mary was laughing when Eli came in “What’s so funny” he asked.

“I can’t believe it. Ralph went right into the shower and is waiting for you” and she broke out into a howl of laughter. 

“Yep, he’s a pretty smart dog.”

Monday, May 20, 2013

Random thoughts

1.  For some reason I haven't been able to put pictures on my blog.  Darn, anyhow I was going to show the flowers I bought for the patio.  Imagine they look like daisy's but they're really not, ha!  I always bought them for the back porch before we got the enclosure except last year.  This year I decided to go back to them.  However, while I love them, I was quite unaware of how they would smell in an enclosed space...not great!!

2.  Still no flowers in the front yet.  

3.  Hippie did get the vegetable garden in.  So, there's that.

4.  Magellan had another treatment on Friday.  There weren't a lot of people, so we got moved on up to one of the penthouses.  It was good to be back, heh, heh.

5.  Hippie went fishing for the first time over the weekend this year.  Not a good fishing day.  

6.  I'm very behind in blog reading.  I haven't done anything with my google reader either.  People have given me suggestions,  I'll have to get on that soon.

7.  I read one of the funniest books over the weekend.  It's called 'My Heart May Be Broken, But My Hair Still Looks Good' (don't you just love that title) by Dixie Cash.  It's a romance novel but it has these two women characters in it that run a beauty parlor/PI service.  

8.  I was all set to buy my dream cabin/house by the lake so I could sit on the front porch and read myself into oblivion.  Then we didn't win Mega Millions or Powerball. 

9.  Squirrel, Geese, and Deer, Oh My.  When I took Mom outside over the weekend, she had a good time looking at the animals.  The weather was gorgeous.  Perfect for me.  I wish I could bottle it up for the really hot or cold days.

10.  Here's to a good week!!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Centus #160

The prompt this week:   "ARGH, MATEY!"

Number of words:  102 total (including the two words of the prompt)
Style of writing: Any but feel free to 'talk like a Pirate' and use your own Pirate Name (unless you think that's silly)
Additional Pictures: Any

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Prompt is in pinkI did blush a little when I thought of this end, heh ,heh.

“You bought a what?”

“A boat.”

“What the heck for?”

“To go on the lake when we go to the cabin.”


“What are you a reporter?”

“I don’t understand.”

“What’s to understand?  We’ve talked about it before.”

“In theory.”

“I came across a good deal.”

“From who?”

“Here comes the reporter again.”

“I’m sorry.”

“A guy from work was selling it.  It was his grandfather’s.  It’s a beauty but he already had a boat.  Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Argh Matey!  I’ll be your wench then” and she grinned.

“Want to see my wooden leg” and he grabbed her laughing