The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happiness, Sorrow, Hope

Happiness -
Son and daughter-in-law came home in May and we had a celebration for their marriage a few days after their one year anniversary.  It was only around 40 people but it was fun and the food was delicious.  They also got to announce daughter-in-law got a new job in  ...California.  A lot farther then they or we hoped for but you gotta go where the tenure track is.  While they loved living in Iowa (although I told son, with the mild winter they had, they didn't see what it was truly like, lol) the university she is at now did make a counter offer but it just wasn't a sure thing.  I think they will be moving in the beginning of August, son doesn't know when he'll be able to start school again.  So, a lot of plans are up in the air   Our new vacation spot will be northern California which will be fun.  So, a new beginning for them. 

The following Friday after the celebration, we learned that our nephew's son died in a motorcycle accident.  He was 22... so young.  It's still hard to believe he's gone.  He belonged to a motorcycle club and at the funeral about a dozen of them rode behind the hearse.  It was very moving.  I feel so terrible for our nephew, his wife and my sister-in-law. 

The day after the funeral (if you can believe it), I went to a baby shower.  One of my dinner friend's son's wife is due the beginning of August.  It was so strange in a matter of a day, saying goodbye to a life and then hello to a new life soon.

Also, Magellan's daughter is getting married in August.  I went to the wedding shower last week - another new beginning soon.

Life can be so good and so terrible at the same time, crazy!

Friday, June 10, 2016


It's been kinda crazy around here.  Good and bad stuff happening but I want to show you what came to visit me today.  Ha, ha! 

A squirrel also came and was looking through the patio door.  I grabbed for my phone to take a picture, unfortunately that scared him and he took off.  Oh well, at least I got the rabbit.