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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


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Have you ever heard of a Rocksino?  It's the gambling place they put at the Northfield Park Harness Racing place.  Actually it is called The Hard Rock Rocksino.

Ohio was late to the party as far as gambling goes.  For years, gambling was voted down.  Then finally a few years back it was finally voted in to allow it and we moved into this century. They were allowed to put up four casinos; Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and Cincinnati. 

Then the state decided to allow only slots at six horse racing venues.  (Ha, ha)

In August, one of my dinner friends picked the rocksino where we ate at the Hard Rock. I'm not much of a slot player.  One of the friends put in $20, lost a little and then got 600 free spins.  She ended up with this...

Wow, wow, wow.  Magellan started with $20 and ended up with $158.  Me I lost about $35, ha.  At least I wasn't the only one who lost.  I had fun though.

I didn't get a chance to see much of the memorabilia but I did see Eddie Van Halen's motorcycle.

 Also, outfits worn by Shakira, Fergie,Will.I.Am and the best was a red cloak worn by James Brown.  I'm sure it was one of the ones that he used to shake off and they used to pick it up and put it back on him LOL (what a showman he was).

Monday, September 15, 2014


Imagine a boy meets a girl who lives on the same street, marries and are still together 50 years later.  Yay!

Last week (I believe it was September 12th), my cousin and her husband celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. 

On Sunday, we celebrated with them at Church, a brunch and went back to one of their daughter's homes.

Her sister was 13 at the time and I was 12.  We were junior bridesmaids.  Do they even have those anymore?

Over the years, I'm sure they've had ups and downs but they got through them, together.  They are an inspiration to me. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

43 degrees

We had to get up early this morning. It was freezing in the house.  Yikes, it was 43 degrees when I looked at my phone. 

Holy Smokes!  I had to turn the heat on before we took our showers.  Too cold not to.  At least I know we don't seem to have any issue with the furnace.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


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I don’t know about you but sometimes when I read a book, I skip over some parts.  I usually think it’s too much detail (blah, blah, blah, blah, blah).  Therefore, I get more quickly to the parts I’m really interested in. 

However, listening to audio books, I find I don’t skip things.  (Frankly, because it’s not as easy to do, ha.) 

There’s something about listening to someone else read though that make the parts I normally would have skipped over so much more interesting.  Not always, but mostly. 

How about you?  Do you skip quickly through parts of books when reading if you are not interested or do you trudge through it anyhow?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


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I finally bought a few furniture pieces for the patio.  I've only been wanting to do it since we put the enclosed patio up 2 years ago.  If you've read my previous posts over those years about the patio, we still are having issues with it, ugh.  I think they wore us down though and we just overlook it now.

Anyhow, I bought two chairs and an ottoman.

I had planned on buying 3 but they were kind of on the pricy side.  I chose them because they were primarily made in the United States.  They make the wicker in America and assemble the furniture  also.  The fabric isn't from America but they at least sew the material for the cushions (thus the expense). 

Also, we have a store around here called Old Time Pottery .  I think it's only in the midwest and south.  I bought a couple of rugs that I love.  I am going to look for something more durable for winter though.

The weather has been so gorgeous here most of the summer, I've been able to sit on the patio a lot with the Ipad.  It's been so great that the weather has cooperated for me, lol. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Opinion quotes

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I had a hard time coming up with an O post.  I went with quotes, a couple of them are naughty but taken in context, hopefully they are good to go, ha!

"When a man gives his opinion he’s a man.  When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch" by Bette Davis

"You’re entitled to your negative opinions but talk slowly; I only have two middle fingers to go around" by Rachel Wolchin

"And it's my opinion, and that's only my opinion, you are a lunatic. Just because there are a few hundred other people sharing your lunacy with you does not make you any saner. Doomed eh?'  by Oleg Kiselev 

This one was too good to pass up.

"I have opinions of my own -- strong opinions -- but I don't always agree with them" by George W. Bush

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Too soon

Magellan and I did some shopping last week.  I'm saving pictures as some of what I bought is perfect for Alphabe-Thursday, ha!

Anyhow, this store sells about everything.  I bought some fall decorations since I'm lacking in them.

Then what do my wondering eyes see?  Christmas Decorations!   They have aisles and aisles that they already started putting out things for Christmas.  Unbelievable, huh? In August, hmph.

The really sick thing is I couldn't help but look at them lol.  However, I was proud and didn't succumb to buying least for now.