The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Sunday, December 21, 2014


We got back from Las Vegas a few days ago and I've been sick in bed with a bad cold.  I haven't even unpacked yet , ha!  Here's a holiday picture I took there.  Will write more later when I'm up to it.  It was an adventure this time. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gift Certificates

A  few years back I wanted to buy some Fiestaware. For Christmas, I asked for gift cards from Macy's. After several Christmas' I had enough and bought a service for four.  I still get gift cards from my brother for Macy's and since I normally don't shop there (I should probably just nix the cards from there) it's been a struggle finding something to buy.

I still had $100 worth of gift cards.  Friday, Magellan and I went shopping.  I decided I would buy a purse.  I found one I liked, it was $168.  Now some people might not think that's a lot of money but frankly, for me, I don't need one that costs that much.

And then I thought, $100 of it would be free because of the gift card and I would ONLY have to pay $68 plus tax.  $68 was something I was comfortable with. 

I took it up to the counter and it was 25% off.  It didn't have a sign so I didn't realize it.  With the gift cards, I only needed to pay an additional $2 and some change.  Holy Smokes!  I was ecstatic.

I was somewhat shocked when the woman in front of me bought a purse that originally was over $200.  It was 70% off, and with the additional 25% off, she paid like $95. I love the purse I bought but I'm thinking maybe I should have looked around more.  Ha!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

He's back

When Lebron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers they took his sign down.  Since he came back they put a new one up.  When we went to the casino, it was the perfect opportunity to view the new one.  I rolled my eyes when I saw it, then I took a picture so I could send it to son.  I texted it, he laughed.  I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes as well. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas with Dinner Friends

Christmas was on Wednesday with my Dinner Friends.  Some of us were going to take the rapid downtown but in the end, we took two cars, eight people.  It worked out well.  At least we figured it out the day before unlike sometimes when on the day we are going to dinner a wrench gets thrown in. Since I call myself the secretary of the group. I'm always the one texting people with the wherefores-going crazy trying to figure it out when it gets messed up then I start whining to them afterwards I don't want to be the secretary anymore, but no one listens lol.

When we got to the parking lot as we started walking to the walkway to the casino  lo and behold we see our friends are right ahead of us, ha!  How convenient to arrive at the same time.

Some of  us (me) lost our reward cards so; (I) we had to get new ones, others didn't have any and had to get a first one.

When that was settled we went to Tower City to the Hard Rock Cafe.  I had a really good pulled pork sandwich and a drink, but only one.   Here's a picture of the tree inside Tower City it was very beautiful.

When we were done eating, we decided to look at the windows outside of the casino that were supposed to be decorated.  Years ago, the casino was a Higbee's Department Stores.  At Christmastime the windows were so creative and beautiful with animation and usually themed.  The Casino is trying to bring them back.  Okay!  I was excited, braved the cold to go outside to look and they were blech.  Kinda cheesy I thought.  Although this is, I think, only the second year they've done it.  Hopefully, they will get better at it.

We were disappointed as well that Public Square wasn't decorated.  They had the big lighting ceremony by Playhouse Square this year. (When I came home and told hippie, he said because of the construction this year they moved it.)

Then we hit the casino.  I played $20.  I won some but when it was time to leave I was back to my original $20, so I would consider that a win. 

We hugged and wished everyone happy holidays and left.  We did drive around Playhouse Square to see the lights.  They were nice and did get to see the Chandelier lit up in the dark too.  All in all, it was a different kind of Christmas than we usually do but it was fun. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Those were the days...

When our son was young, his friends would congregate in his bedroom and play video games.  As he got older, getting friends that didn’t live within walking distance and we didn't know, we bought a pool table for the basement as well as moving the video games down.  They played poker down there, watched TV and did boy things (like eating us out of house and home).  Eventually, we even got a ping pong top to put over the pool table

When son graduated from high school, he completely moved down there.  It was like his own little apartment.  He commuted first to community college and then to college downtown.  The pool table wasn't being used and with the top over it became a catch all for our son’s junk. 

When he moved to Vegas, hippie cleared the table and it was clean for about 5 minutes until he started using it for a catch all. 

Pool tables are huge, taking up a lot of room. We recently gave it away to our nephew’s son that got married in May.  He had it re-felted from green to red.  

The pool table had served its purpose for us.  At the time, we wanted a place where son’s friends could come and we would know who he was hanging with, getting to know them. I loved that our son’s friends liked spending so much time here.  Sometimes I miss those days but I don’t really miss the pool table, there is so much more room down there now, lol. 

Friday, November 28, 2014


Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

We did.  We went to my brother's and brought leftovers home lol.

When we got up in the morning there was a small amount of snow.  Throughout the day there were light flurries.  When we left to go home from brother's and got on the freeway, it was pretty scarey, part of the way it was white out conditions.  By the time we got closer to home, it had stopped.

The heavier snow finally came to our neighborhood when we got home, ha!  I fell asleep around 9 until I heard the next door neighbor snow-blowing passed the bedroom window.  So much for sleeping.

We've had quite the amount of snow for November, not as bad as some though (thank goodness).  It gives me a foreboding of winter.  

Friday, November 14, 2014


More than I thought...