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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Random thoughts

1.  OMG, it's been so hot this summer.  I've hardly been able to stand it.  I've had very little patio sitting, darn.  Hopefully, fall will be better.

2.  I also can't wait until the election is over. Enough said about that, ha!

3.  Son and daughter-in-law are in California as of August 1st.  They are renting a 3 bedroom house which son loves and is close to where dil is teaching.   They have a lemon, kumquat, orange and peach trees in their yard which is different.  It was quite the trip driving down their with the 2 cats and took them a day longer than they wanted but I guess it went okay.

4. We went to Magellan's daughter's wedding.  It was fun and beautiful.

5.  We are planning a trip to Vegas this fall for hippie and my birthday (70 and 65, ugh)!  That's if I ever get around to arranging it. We might fly son down too which would be fun since he'll be so close. 

6.  Hippies done a lot of fishing this summer so far. 

7.  I haven't really done much of anything except read a lot.  Still going out with my dinner friends once a month so there is that, thank goodness or I'd really be a hermit ;-).

8.  We had a problem with our house roof a while back.  The guy that put it on came and fixed it for free.  We talked to him about the patio roof and he's going to put something up there to hopefully stop the leaks.  We told him no hurry so who know when that will be done.

9.  That's about it. 

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