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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


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We had a non-stop flight to Las Vegas which we usually take.  Omg, there was so much turbulence.  I even got a little air sick.  Luckily, when they handed out the drinks I asked the flight attendant if they had ginger ale.  I mentioned that I wasn't feeling well.  He gave me a can and after I finished it I was fine.  He did mention he could understand why I wasn't feeling well with the turbulence.

Our airport has cut down on their flights and the non stop flights coming back were at odd hours. I decided we would make one layover which was supposed to make our time getting back only an hour longer. Best laid plans and all, ha!

Our crew to fly the plane out of Vegas to Denver wasn't there when we boarded. It was late getting in from Houston.  We were supposed to leave Las Vegas time -3:30 p.m. but didn't leave until 5:30 p.m..  Consequently, we missed our flight to Cleveland because we were supposed to only have an hour layover.

We then left Denver time- 10:14 p.m. and were flown to Chicago time 1:33 a.m. arriving. huh?

We left Chicago time 6:10 a.m. arriving Cleveland time 8:24 a.m. ugh!!  We spent many hours in that Chicago airport.  Luckily, I was able to get a little sleep but I mean little ha!!

I knew I never wanted to fly a red-eye but now I guess I have experience. 

Our original time to come in was 12:30 a.m.  We ended up 8 hours late.  It's funny not ha ha funny but funny strange.  We never had any trouble with our flights.  Now the last two times we've flown home we've had issues.       

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hotel & Casino

The last few years whenever we go to Las Vegas (which has been twice a year) we've been staying at the same hotel and casino.  It's off the strip but we like it because it's close to where son and girlfriend live.  It almost feels like coming home since we know everything about the place.

This time we were surprised when we into our room because they redecorated.  Everything was fresh and new. We loved it.

We didn't win any money.

One day when I was playing video poker I stopped because we were going to go out to eat.  I had a backache and went to the little store inside to buy some Advil.  We went out to eat, then came back and the machine I was playing on was being used.  (I have two or three machines I always play - creature of habit I suppose)

I decided to try a totally different machine.  When I looked in my purse for my voucher and the card you earn points with, I had neither.  Shoot!!  I must have forgotten to take them out.  I ended up losing $50 some dollars, ugh!!

I was able to replace the card.  Girlfriend the next day called lost and found to see if someone turned the voucher and my card in but no such luck.

One day if you earned 300 points on the card by a certain time, you won a prize and could win $5 to $500 dollars.  Hippie and I both got 300 points.  The prize was a tissue holder for your vehicle.  We each won $5.  So there's that, ha!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yard House & Observational Wheel

When we were in Las Vegas in November, they were putting the finishing touches on the Observational Wheel which is the tallest in the world.   We could see it in the distance from the place we were staying.

There was a restaurant in the complex we were going to where it was this time and we got a close up look of it.

In each enclosure (or whatever they're called) it's supposed to fit 40 people.  The ride lasts 30 minutes.  I believe it because from the restaurant we were at we could see the spokes and they barely moved.

We went to a restaurant that was called the Yard House.    I had ribs and they were excellent.  They had around 160 different kinds of beers.

When we left I was able to get a picture of the wheel at night.  It changes colors.  Cool!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


The place we stay at in Vegas also has a movie theater.  Son, girlfriend and I saw two movies while hippie gambled.  We saw Neighbors on Saturday.  I was shocked it was $27 for the three of us.  When did it get so expensive? Luckily, I had a coupon for a bag of popcorn.

Sunday we went to a matinee and saw Mom's Night out.  It was still a whopping $21.

I remember going for 25 cents for a matinee when I was young, ha!

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Monday, June 16, 2014


Son's girlfriend and I went to a show at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.  It was called Forever Motor City.  When I was growing up I listened to Motown.

I have to say this was the best show I've been to in Vegas.  They sang Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes, Lionel Richie and (my favorite) The Temptations.

It was in a little bistro with little tables and chairs, very intimate. I was sitting next to a woman and I was glad she was singing because I was too, lol.  It was so much fun.  I could have listened to them sing old Motown songs for hours.

I would highly recommend this show for anyone that grew up in that era.  Most of the people were grey haired, ha!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


In April, I watched this show about Las Vegas on CNN with Anthony Bourdain.  He goes to different states and countries and talks about the area and goes to different restaurants.  That night he talked about a place called Bootleggers.  An Italian place where they had piano playing and a singer entertaining while you ate.  This was something right up my alley.

I talked about it to my son and his girlfriend had been but she had never been for the entertainment part.

So we went.  It made me think I was at a dinner club in the 50's.  The woman singer is the daughter of the owner.  She sings jazz and is dressed in clothes of the time.  It was so cool.  The only thing was we went early and the people who were eating were kind of loud instead of listening.  We will go back next time maybe later though.

I would highly recommend this place.  The food was excellent.

Here's a picture I took but it's very dark.

If you would like to see a clip on the Bootleggers click here it's under jazz & nostalgia.

Friday, June 13, 2014


The place we stayed in Vegas was hosting a fundraiser for the Burlesque Hall Of Fame for 3 days while we were there.

I think we could have gotten tickets to some of the shows but at the time for some reason I thought it was a convention.  I think it would have been fun as I've never seen Burlesque.  It was neat seeing the Burlesque people and how they dressed.  Some were quite bawdy and risque, ha!

Son's girlfriend even asked a couple that were at the food court to take their picture which she took because I was too embarrassed lol.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Belmont, California Chrome, Doomed

So, I decided to do Alphabe-Thursday and then I missed B and C, oops.  We went to Las Vegas and I'm going to do B, C and D together.

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Saturday was the race at Belmont for a possible Triple Crown Winner. There hasn't been one for 36 years.

We got the above t-shirt for a $25 bet.  Hippie, son, girlfriend and I all bet on different horses.  I bet on California Chrome. 

I was pretty sure my choice was doomed from the beginning but I bet anyhow.  It would have been cool if he won.  Oh least I got the t-shirt.