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Sunday, June 15, 2014


In April, I watched this show about Las Vegas on CNN with Anthony Bourdain.  He goes to different states and countries and talks about the area and goes to different restaurants.  That night he talked about a place called Bootleggers.  An Italian place where they had piano playing and a singer entertaining while you ate.  This was something right up my alley.

I talked about it to my son and his girlfriend had been but she had never been for the entertainment part.

So we went.  It made me think I was at a dinner club in the 50's.  The woman singer is the daughter of the owner.  She sings jazz and is dressed in clothes of the time.  It was so cool.  The only thing was we went early and the people who were eating were kind of loud instead of listening.  We will go back next time maybe later though.

I would highly recommend this place.  The food was excellent.

Here's a picture I took but it's very dark.

If you would like to see a clip on the Bootleggers click here it's under jazz & nostalgia.

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Donna Volkenannt said...

Sounds like fun. I'll have to check out the video. I've only been to Las Vegas once and not sure if I'll get a chance to return.