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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hotel & Casino

The last few years whenever we go to Las Vegas (which has been twice a year) we've been staying at the same hotel and casino.  It's off the strip but we like it because it's close to where son and girlfriend live.  It almost feels like coming home since we know everything about the place.

This time we were surprised when we into our room because they redecorated.  Everything was fresh and new. We loved it.

We didn't win any money.

One day when I was playing video poker I stopped because we were going to go out to eat.  I had a backache and went to the little store inside to buy some Advil.  We went out to eat, then came back and the machine I was playing on was being used.  (I have two or three machines I always play - creature of habit I suppose)

I decided to try a totally different machine.  When I looked in my purse for my voucher and the card you earn points with, I had neither.  Shoot!!  I must have forgotten to take them out.  I ended up losing $50 some dollars, ugh!!

I was able to replace the card.  Girlfriend the next day called lost and found to see if someone turned the voucher and my card in but no such luck.

One day if you earned 300 points on the card by a certain time, you won a prize and could win $5 to $500 dollars.  Hippie and I both got 300 points.  The prize was a tissue holder for your vehicle.  We each won $5.  So there's that, ha!

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Anonymous said...

LOL... I bet it's a really nice tissue holder!!! -mike