The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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I've been wanting to buy a Keurig for a long time and we finally did.  I love it (Mike ;-))

Besides regular coffee, I bought Cafe Mocha.  It's pretty good.  No more having to go to a coffee shop. All I need to do is buy some whipped cream to make it perfect.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jersey Boys

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I have never seen the play/musical Jersey Boys and I've been wanting to go.

The movie showed up so my high school girlfriend and I went to see it recently.  Back in the day, I loved the Four Seasons.  If you are from that era, it's a must see. Some critics didn't like it but I did.

It was so interesting.  I always wondered why they broke up and Frankie Valli went out on his own.  Now I know, ha!

I found out that I could get a senior's discount for my movie ticket, $2.00 off, Yay!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Clean up

My friend who cleaned my house quit for a variety of reasons last month.  She felt bad.  I think she wants to come back though and clean once a month.  We have to talk yet and I have to make sure she wants to do it because she wants to and not because she thinks I'm mad.   It was really no big deal to me that she quit although I do miss her coming twice a month especially now that I have to do it myself, ha!

Hippie has not been much into yard work this summer.  No vegetable garden, no flowers planted, barely wants to cut the grass.  I know how he feels (like I did with the house cleaning originally).  He talked to our nephew one day and hippie was going to pay him to cut the grass.  The first day he was supposed to come he called and said he worked late.  He was going to come the next day and then we never heard from him again.  After three or four days, hippie called and left him a message to see if he wanted to still do it.  He heard Nada, nothing, zip.  Hippie didn't understand.  Nephew just turned 18, not much to understand as far as I'm concerned he didn't want to do it. 

This past week, he hired someone that does a couple of people's lawn on our street.  Pretty cut and dry.  Sometimes I think that's the best way to go, less drama. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Little Italy

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Some of my friends and I went to little Italy for lunch a couple of weeks ago.  We went to our favorite restaurant, had a glass of wine and chicken parmigiana.

After, we went to our favorite bakery.  I bought a deliciously huge cream puff and a couple of oatmeal cookies to take home.  We also had a cup of coffee outside and talked and people watched.

We then walked down to a Church and went inside to see what it looked like.  I wanted to light a candle but we had to go to the parish office to get a candle. So, we did.   Hmm, I remember the days when you could light a candle and left the donation right there.  I guess those days are gone. 

We left there and decided we wanted to get a glass of wine.  As we were walking an older woman was standing outside the door of a bar/restaurant.  Apparently, she overheard us talking and she invited us to come there for a drink and mentioned they had a patio in the back.  We went in.  The restaurant was decorated in Victorian style.  It was beautiful.  The weather was gorgeous that day and the patio was lovely.  We only had one glass of wine but I had such a great time out there talking and laughing. 

Sometimes it's just so fun, forgetting everything and getting together with girlfriends. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014


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Last week I talked to son and he said it was 115 degrees in Las Vegas.  He works nights and when he was leaving it was still 101, wow.  I know people say it's a dry heat but hot is hot as far as I'm concerned, ha!

I've been enjoying our summer here so far.  It gets in the mid 80's a few days and then goes into the 70's.

I wouldn't mind if it stayed like this all summer.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Magellan, one of my dinner friends and me went out last Thursday.  We were headed to Little Italy (which I will post about another day) which is on the east side.

With all the construction somehow we were downtown, ha!  We have a very nice theater district in downtown Cleveland that is called Playhouse Square.  Recently, they put up a chandelier above the streets.  We thought as long as we were down there we would drive past to see it in person.  Click on the pictures to get a better view.  It is so neat. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


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We've always had a vegetables garden in the summer.

Some years we get a lot of veggies out of it.  A few years ago, the squirrels starting getting the tomatoes.  Although it took us a while to figure it out.

Last year, we had a deer come.  He ate the green beans and some tomatoes.

When hippie was supposed to dig up the garden and plant this summer we were headed for vacation.  I suggested maybe we should forget a garden this year.  I was afraid the deer would remember and come back. 

So, this is the first year we don't have one.  It will be different.