The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'd rather be bored

I'll be happy for July to end.

One of my dinner friends is having surgery to remove a kidney tomorrow.  She has kidney cancer that has metastasized.  Dinner friends was last night and she felt up to coming.  It was the first time most of us have seen her since we found out.  I feel sad but hopeful for her.

Earlier this month, our nephew, had to be life flighted to a hospital in Columbus.  He's only 48.  They thought he had a heart attack. They had to bring him back to life three times. They froze him to 32 degrees to let his heart rest.  It turns out he didn't have a heart attack but had an infection in his heart.  No one thought he would survive even the doctors.  Believe it or not, 10 days after he went in, he came out with a defibrillator and will make a full recovery.  Miracles do happen.

I haven't had much else to write about.  I've gone back to reading voraciously.  I'm thinking of not blogging any more but I'm not sure.

I hope August is a much better month.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer pests

A few weeks ago, my neighbor/friend that lives behind me calledShe had a big swarm of bees in her yard that had eventually congregated on one of her bushes in the back.  She called the city to see if they would do anything but no- since it was private property they wouldn't come.  They wouldn't even come to verify if they were bee's or wasps, REALLY??   One of her other neighbors came over to look and verified they were honey bees.  They knew someone that could come get the bees

The guy came after dark (I didn't go watch - it was the finale of The Voice, ha) but he brought a box with honey in it and when the bees went in he covered it with newspaper.  Put it inside his vehicle and took them home.  I've seen bee keepers come to get honey bees before but I've never seen this method.  Seems kind of scary but the guy did make it home, so whatever I guess.  He did have to come back the next day for some more though.  

The next week I saw hippie looking at what I thought was the roof.  I went out and there was a little wasp hive/nest only about 2 or 3 inches big by our gutter where the patio guys had added a piece when they had to cut the gutter off. Hippie put some stuff he had in the gutter and he thinks he got them but with all the rain we've had who knows.  

Yikes anyhow I hope no more bees or wasps.