The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'd rather be bored

I'll be happy for July to end.

One of my dinner friends is having surgery to remove a kidney tomorrow.  She has kidney cancer that has metastasized.  Dinner friends was last night and she felt up to coming.  It was the first time most of us have seen her since we found out.  I feel sad but hopeful for her.

Earlier this month, our nephew, had to be life flighted to a hospital in Columbus.  He's only 48.  They thought he had a heart attack. They had to bring him back to life three times. They froze him to 32 degrees to let his heart rest.  It turns out he didn't have a heart attack but had an infection in his heart.  No one thought he would survive even the doctors.  Believe it or not, 10 days after he went in, he came out with a defibrillator and will make a full recovery.  Miracles do happen.

I haven't had much else to write about.  I've gone back to reading voraciously.  I'm thinking of not blogging any more but I'm not sure.

I hope August is a much better month.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You will be missed by myself, but I know the feeling. Every once in awhile, I feel like hanging it up too.
Time....Time...and more Time, of which I seem to have less of.
Not that I am more active, far from it.
I'm Blogging less, which seems to be a little better for me. Oh how I would love to run out of writing material. I shit you not!

Anonymous said...

Here's to a better August...sorry to hear about your friend hope all goes well. Bolg- I like reading it!! -mike

Anonymous said...

Who was it that was so sick?