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Friday, May 17, 2013

Mary #61

This is a continuing story.  If you want to read from the beginning, please go to my side bar to the labels and click on story-Mary or click here.


Mary remembered seeing a pet store when she went to get the sandwiches and she went there.  While she was looking at the treats she heard “Hi Mary” Johnny said and his wife was with him. 

“Hi, you two.”

“Hi Mary, long time no see.” Sandy said laughing.

“I know.  It’s been so crazy since I’ve been back.  I’ve been meaning to call you.”

“That’s okay, I understand.  I heard the good news about you moving back and the inn.  We’ve missed you and I think it’s going to be wonderful.” 

“Thanks, I’m very happy about it.”

“Mary, are you okay because you look like hell?”

“Johnny” Sandy said in a stern tone.

“That’s okay Sandy he’s right.  I’ve been crying all day.  Lulu is at the vet’s getting a biopsy.  The doctor thinks she might have cancer.”

“Oh no, that’s terrible” Sandy said.

“I have to pick her up in the morning and then I should hear in a few days for sure.  The doctor was pretty convinced though that it is.  I was just here buying some treats for Lulu.  I decided if she does I’m going to give her palliative care.”

“What’s that” Johnny asked. 

“I’ll tell you later” Sandy said.

“Do you need help picking Lulu up tomorrow?”

“No thanks, I got it covered.”

“Let us know what happens” Sandy said.

“Yeah, we’re buying food for our dog, we’re out.  Hang in there Mar.”

“Thanks” and they left.

Mary found several things that she Lulu would like and started going to the cash register.  Before they got there she saw a beautiful red furry blanket.  She picked that up and thought it might be nice and soft for her to lie on.  She paid and started driving home.

As she drove she thought when she got home she would start making a list of all the things she had to do when she got back to New York.  There wouldn’t be a lot of time to get rid of stuff and pack everything up.  Good thing Eli was going to help her.  Then she remembered about Sadie.  She thought she’ll be busy with her father; she won’t have time now to get rid of Mary’s furniture.  What would she do about that with so little time to get out of the apartment?   Mary started to feel overwhelmed.

As she was driving down the street to her house, she pulled into Eli’s driveway to see if she could talk to him. 

She knocked on the door.  Eli opened the door and said “Hi.”

As she looked at him he had no shirt on and was wearing flannel pajama bottoms.

“I’m sorry, were you going to bed?”

“No” he laughed.  “I took a shower earlier and put them on since I wasn’t doing anything tonight.  Would you like to come in?”

“Yes, if you have a minute to talk.”

“Sure” and Mary came in.

Eli went to a chair and put the t-shirt on that was lying on it.

“Did you hear something about Lulu?”  

“No, now I have another problem.”


“Remember I told you about my friend in New York that was going to help me get rid of my furniture?”


“She called to tell me her father had a heart attack and had to have surgery.  She’s probably not going to be able to help.”

“Did you ask her?”

“I didn’t talk that long to her and at the time it didn’t enter my mind. I’m just thinking she won’t be able to.”

“Then thinking and knowing are two different things.  Try not to get worked about it until you know for sure.”

“That’s harder said than done.  When we go, we’re going to have all we can do to go through the apartment and pack up the things I’m taking.  Let alone worrying about finding someone to pick up furniture.”

“We’ll get it done whether your friend can help or not. Keep the faith Mary” and he smiled at her.

“Why is it that when I talk to you, you make me feel so much better.”

“Because you know I have your best interest at heart because I love you” and he reached out his arms to Mary and she snuggled up close.

“Did you eat supper yet?”

“No, Elizabeth went to her sisters to eat.  I was just going to scrounge around to find something.”

“I was going to cut up some sausage, cheese and crackers.  Would you like to share?”

“I would love it.”

“I think I might even have a bottle of wine here.”

“I thought you don’t drink?”

“I don’t.  A friend from California came one year and when he went home he left it.  I kept it to have it around the house.”

“I’ll help you” Mary said as they held hands and went into the kitchen. 


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