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Friday, May 10, 2013

Mary #60

This is a continuing story.  If you want to read from the beginning, please go to my side bar to the labels and click on story-Mary or click here.


“It’s going to be all right, Mary.”

“I feel so bad.  I just got back and now she’s probably going to be gone soon.”

“You have to look at it this way, who would ever thought she would live to be so old?”

“I know your right.  I just have to get used to the idea?” 

“Elizabeth was a little worried you might be upset so she called me.”

“I’m happy she did.”

“I can go with you and pick up Lulu if you want.”

“Thanks.  I have to figure out ahead of time what I’m going to do if the results are bad.  The doctor thinks they will be and I have that feeling myself.  Do you have any opinions?”

“I can only tell you what I would do.  I would bring my animal home and let her remaining days be pain free.  I would give her every food she loved even if it was people food. I would love on her while she was here.  I would see in the end if she was going to die peacefully, if not I would call the doctor and have her put to sleep.”

“Yeah that’s kind of what I thought too.  She really is too old to try treatments.  I doubt even if it worked she would have that much time left.  I see what it’s like for Elizabeth having treatments.  I can’t imagine making an animal that has no say go through that” as the tears started again.

Eli enveloped Mary in his arms and just held her until she stopped crying.

“Is this where you hung out as a kid” he asked looking around.

“Pretty much all day and night” and she laughed.

“Looks beautiful back here, I bet it was a lot of fun.”

“I think I’m going to back to the house.  It’s getting a little chilly.”

“Okay, we’ll come back another time and you can show me around more.”

“That’s a deal” and they walked out of the woods and headed toward the house.

“I hope you didn’t get interrupted from doing something.”

“I was just cleaning up.  I’m still getting stuff put away for the winter.”

“I’m fine now.  Go and do what you were doing.  I’ll see you in the morning.”

“How about I come around 10?”


“You can call if you need me.”

“I will but I think I’m okay now after our talk” and he left.

Mary walked in the house and Elizabeth was in the living room. 

“Thanks for calling Eli.”

“Oh good, you’re not upset.”

“No you did a good thing” and she laughed.  “Eli’s going to take me to pick up Lulu tomorrow.”

“That will be good.  When you were out Jody called.  She wanted me to come over for dinner she was going to pick me up.  I told her I would let her know.”

“Go, I’m fine now” and she went into the kitchen. 

“I called Jody.  She’s going to be here in a little bit to pick me up.  We’re going to visit for a while before her kids get home from school then we’ll be having supper.”

“Okay. I think I might go out in a little bit and get some treats for Lulu.  I might even buy a chicken and cook it up for her.”

“She’ll love that.”

Mary’s phone started to ring “Hello...Hi Sadie…Is something wrong?...Oh my…Is he going to be okay…That’s good…Don’t worry about it…Okay call me later when things settle down…Hang in there, Bye”

“Did something happen to Sadie?”

“After I got done talking to her the other night her mother called and said that an ambulance was taking her father to the hospital because of a heart attack.  He had to have surgery.  She won’t be able to come for Thanksgiving.”

“That’s too bad; I was looking forward to meeting her.”

“When he gets out of the hospital he’s going to have to go to rehab. Her mother doesn’t drive so Sadie has to stick close to home so she can take her mom.  Although I’m sure that’s not the real reason.  She’s very close to her family and I know she wants to be there for her father.”

They heard a honk and Elizabeth went to the front door “I’ll be right out Jody, give me a minute.”

Elizabeth went upstairs with a jacket and her purse.  “I don’t know what time I’ll be back here.”
“Have a good time” Mary said.

Poor Sadie Mary thought.  She would miss seeing her at Thanksgiving but she would see her soon after.  She’ll tell her the next time she calls. 

Mary went upstairs and looked at her face.  She looked like hell with all the crying she did today.  She washed her face and decided to go buy some treats for Lulu.

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