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Monday, May 13, 2013

Roll out the barrel

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day.

When we went to see Mom she was at the Mother's Day tea, although the tea and pastry part were done.

Luckily, the music part wasn't.  There was an older gentleman playing an accordion. He played all kinds of different music on it and sang.

It wasn't until he played a couple of polkas that it really got hopping, even me, ha, ha.  We all were singing and clapping.  One of the activities people polkaed with a couple of the residents. If my brother had been there, I would have made him dance with me.  Hippie does not polka but my people where I grew up did whether they liked it or not.

I also won a prize in the raffle.  It was a tea cup with pink flowers in it.  I ended up leaving it for mom on her window seat. 

It was a fun time at the nursing home...or maybe I'm just getting old, lol. 

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