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Monday, October 20, 2014


When Mom left my house, after living with us for almost a year, and had to go to the nursing home, we kept her dog, Corky.  After a couple of years when hippie and I went on vacation and he stayed with my brother, he decided he would keep him.   This week my brother had to put him to sleep. He was about 14 years old or a little older.  He was having a hard time walking, he hadn't been in good shape for a while.  Here's a picture of him from last Thanksgiving.  He had really gotten gray.

He wasn't too happy getting his picture taken, ha!

He was such a good dog, although my brother and sister-in-law always called him 'Rain man.'

I feel sad but my brother is crushed.  I think it has something to do with mom and it's really the last tangible connection he had to her.  

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Gattina said...

That's always so sad when we have to say good bye for every to a beloved pet !