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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Relay, interrupted

Yesterday, I went to the relay for the Survivor's Walk. We got there, got our T-shirts and then met with our friend that was on a team. They just started the speeches before the walk and A called, saying Mom called. Ron was in the shower so he didn't answer the phone. I finally got a hold of Mom and she wasn't feeling well. I called my brother and he was already going over there. My friend who I went with took me home and Ron and I left to go to her house. Before we got there, my brother called to say the ambulance was already there. We decided to meet them at the hospital.

I guess she was having trouble breathing. Who wouldn't. She doesn't want any windows open because she's always cold. She just has the front screen door. With the temps at 90 degrees and the humidity so awful the last few days, we think it just took it's toll on her. The hospital did all kinds of tests and couldn't find anything wrong. Her oxygen levels and breathing were good by then but she was retaining water. We already knew that and she started taking water pills earlier in the week for it. We decided if she wasn't going to be admitted, we would bring her here because of the air conditioning. The doctor talked to her family doctor and they released her. They just figure the heat got to her. My brother had been over there yesterday morning. I had talked to her about 4:00 and she was fine - by 6:00 she wasn't. My brother has an old air conditioner that we are going to put in for her.

Luckily, after we had gotten to the hospital, Ron decided to go get the dog and her stuff and take it to our house because he knew we would be there for a while. It was a good thing too. She got to the ER about 7:00 and we never got out of there until close to 11:30.

Today, she seems well. I'll keep you updated. At least I got my T-shirt from the relay. I didn't really get a chance to take pictures. Oh well!

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Kay said...

Just got back from a weekend at the lake. My friend from school has a place up there. We went up Friday and got back early evening.
Spent Sat. at Put-in-Bay that was fun but hot. Sorry to hear about your mom but you are right it probably was the heat. I can't take that heat anymore either.