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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weekend Getaway Part 2

The idea to go to the cottage came to us a few months ago.  Then two friends went up to scout out the cottages and put a deposit down.  The date was set.

The day came and we were about an hour and a half from leaving and Magellan called me asking "Did you know we were staying until Sunday?"

"Um, no I didn't."

We had originally talked about staying the weekend but somehow when it got planned through text messages her and I got the impression that it was only from Friday to Saturday.  It did seem quite expensive just for overnight but, what do we know. I had to scramble to pack more things.  Magellan worked and had to go for a blood test and then pack more too.  We took two vehicles and arranged to meet a little later at the designated spot so we could follow the other vehicle.

The weather was great the day we left but Saturday was terrible, wind  and snow.  (It was a good thing we weren't going home, ha!)  We stopped at an Amish Chocolate store along the way and bought a lot of chocolate.  (Well, I bought a lot of chocolate but I shared.)

They had a VCR.  I brought Chicago and You've Got Mail and we watched those.  We played a couple of dice games LRC and another one where you took a dollar bill and had to put the corners down if you lost (I don't remember the name of it.)

We drank Riesling, Mimosa's, and another wine (which was terrible, yucky.)  We had some leftover champagne so we put a little in which made the wine tolerable.  There was also beer and rum but I didn't drink any of that - not my thing.  We had hot chocolate and tons of junk food.  Not much healthy eating went on, I'm afraid to say.

We drove through the park Saturday night.  One of the gals and her husband go camping there, so she showed us where they camp.  It was pretty slippery.  On the lake, we saw a shanty.  We surmised someone was ice fishing.

 We made glo stick necklaces and halo's and danced in the dark to my ipad.  We were like the ya ya sisterhood but not as fancy.   Of course that was after we had the terrible wine with the champagne lol.

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Claudia Schlottman said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend - especially the chocolate!