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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Memorial Service - Nursing Home

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I missed a week so I'm going to do M & N together.

The end of July they had a Memorial Service at the Nursing Home.  I hadn't been back their since mom died in March.  It felt pretty strange walking in.

It was a lovely service in the chapel.  The deacon spoke and everyone that had a loved one that had passed was able to get up and speak about them a little.  They had a man that I saw frequently when they had entertainment sing.  I had to laugh when he sang Amazing Grace.  My mom loved that song and if she would have been there she would have sung right along with him, ha! 

They had a little tree with lights that they put the names of all the residents that passed.

They served refreshments when it was over.  I got to see a few of the residents that I used to speak with especially one woman I talked to a lot.  I was happy I got to talk to her at least one last time.  It was so nice to see her and she told me how much she missed mom.  I was a little sad I didn't get to see my favorite nurse.

However, I'm going to donate my mother's clothes to the nursing home. So, I might still get the chance. I've got them already to go, I don't know why I haven't taken them yet but I will have to do that soon. 


Cristina Pop said...

It was such a nice gesture for them to have a Memorial Service! That little tree looks so nice.

Anonymous said...

What a nice idea to have a Memorial Service- It's different going back once your loved one is gone. I went a few times after grandma passed, to visit with the regulars that I would visit with.

Judie said...

Mum donated her body to Emory University Medical School, and after two years, the school had a memorial service for many who had donated their bodies as well. We all went to the service, and it was lovely.

Pam Beers. said...

I really like the idea with tree of lights along with the residents names who died. It gives us the feeling that our loved ones are will always be with us spiritually.

What a fitting gesture to donate your mother's clothing to the nursing home. She will live on through your thoughtful donation.

Karen S. said...

Very wonderful.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...


Susan Anderson said...

I love that they had a memorial service. Sorry to hear about your mom. Sounds like she was greatly loved.