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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Voice-moving on

I think I've said this before but every season they seem to add a new dimension to the Voice.  This time it was bringing back a contestant which at first I thought was good until I didn't.  It pretty much seemed like they didn't have a chance to be voted through or picked by the coach. 

While I'm complaining, I really don't like either in the blinds, knockouts that they don't show all the contestants singing that get on the show. They do some montages which would be fine but why can't they at least show their performances in total online?  Doesn't make sense.

What's with cutting half the teams last night?  I think that's too many to cut at one time.  Is it my imagination or does it seem like they are trying to shorten the season. It seems - rush rush to me.

In any case, I only voted online I didn't buy any ITunes.  I only voted for 3 from each coach.  I voted through 8 out of the 12 left.  It may even be 9 because one team I only remembered one for sure that I voted for, ha!

I still overall like the show but I am getting somewhat disenchanted with it.  I know, 1st world problem, who cares lol.

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