The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random thoughts

1.  This past Sunday it was in the 80's, wow.  I was thrilled to open all the doors and windows and let some air in the house.  We're back to cooler temps though and might even get some snow over the weekend.

2.  I watched The Judd's on the OWN network.  I thought it was really excellent showing the dynamics of a mother - daughter relationship.  Not that it represents all mother - daughter relationships but I thought I saw some of me and my mother in it.

3.  My mother's roommate isn't doing so well.  She's been in bed a lot for the last couple of months.  I found out she has a tumor. I'm pretty sure nothing is going to be done about it. I thought she was 85 but the nurse said she is really 95.  I'm not sure how my mom will react when something happens to her.

4. Last week I FINALLY got the cleaning bug so I went with it.  I got a lot done.  Yippee!!

5. I need to go clothes shopping to get a few things for our trip.  Eh, I hate clothes shopping.   

6.  Thursday Mom is having to see the eye doctor.  I'm going to meet up with them.  The doctor wanted to see her in 3 months.  I have a feeling her cataracts might be getting worse.  I did ask mom if she would want to have them removed if they got bad and she said yes.  I'm a little concerned about her having them done but I guess I don't blame her.  I can tell she really can't see things farther away.

7.  Years ago, there was a popular book called Simple Abundance.  Magellan got me one. I don't think I ever read the whole thing.   This week I started the daily readings again.  Did anyone else ever read this?

8.  Gasoline has been up to $3.89 here. Yikes!

9.  The thing I like most about Lent is that on Friday's hippie buys be pierogi's from a bar.  It's much nicer than having to make them.  Although I never make them from scratch.  I did once with my mother and it was just too much work.

10. See ya ;-)


J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

I never made pierogies but I have made raviolis once. I always say I'm going to make them again, but I never get around to it. I save leftover ground up meats in bags in the freezer for that special day, though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Viki- It was nice to see your blog again. Vacation is getting close...Enjoy.-mike