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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Mom had to go to the ER twice on Sunday.  On Friday, she got a skin tear on her leg.  The nurse wrapped it up and all was well.  Sunday a nurse called about 4 p.m. and said the bandage wrap was all bloody and they couldn't get the bleeding to stop so they were sending her to the ER for stitches.  The doctor at the ER said the skin was so thin that they couldn't put stitches in.  He ended up putting some medicine on some gauze to get the blood to clot, wrapped it up and put an ace bandage on it.  They took her back to the nursing home.  Around 9:45, the nurse called again and said they were taking her back to the ER because it was saturated with blood again.  She got there around 11:00.  The same guy was there.  He ended up putting stitches in but put them a little bit further from the actual skin tear and also put some steri strips on.  We left mom around 1:30 a.m. and she was waiting to get a pressure bandage on and then there were going to take her back.  I don't know what time she got back.

I slept until around 11 a.m. on Monday.  I talked to them at the nursing home and they said mom was doing okay and she wasn't bleeding.  On Tuesday, the nurse practitioner is going to take the pressure bandage off and see what it looks like.  What a night. 


cindy said...

Oh my goodness. Your mother must be a real trooper.

Hope she is better today.


Vicki aka Jake said...

Just stopping by for a quick look. I, like you and so many others, have been slow at blog reading lately.

Glad you're home safe from Vegas and that you had fun. hours is a long flight but when I go to Delaware to see a friend it's a 6 hour flight. Then there's my kids who went to Greece last month...I won't be doing Europe either:)

Weiner's a weiner....

Sorry about your mom, hope she heals well. Their skin things so much it's scary sometimes. Seems the dr. could have used steri strips in the first place. And I
hope the cataract surgery will do wonders for her. My dad sure loves seeing again.

Ok Vikki without a C, have a good rest and I'll stop by again soon. I'll try to do it more often so I won't have to write a mini novel :)

Vicki aka Jake said...

P.S. Sorry about the mis spelled words, it's early and I'm needing to get to work soon. Best excuse for the day anyway:)

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Like Vicki, I've been among the missing for a very long time. Hope your mom is doing better today. Sending butterfly wings of hope your way. Remember to put your OWN oxygen mask on first. Then you can help your mom.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Sorry to hear this. Hope your mom gets better soon.
Take care. (((hugs)))

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

Hope your mom's wound stays shut. What an ordeal!