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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Las Vegas revisited

People we went to Vegas AGAIN (that now makes 3 times in less than a year, lol)  Since our son wasn't able to come home for Christmas, we decided to go visit for his birthday after all he was turning  the BIG 3 0.  We got their on the 20th and came home the 24th.

I must say we had beautiful weather.  The weather the first day was 59 (felt warm to me) and the rest of the time during the day was sunny and in the low 70's.

The day we got there before we checked in, we went to breakfast at a place called The Omelet House Our son has talked glowingly about this place since he moved to Vegas.  The omelets are huge and I mean HUGE.  They are about half the plate.  I only ate half of mine and we dropped the leftovers at their house on the way to the casino/hotel. I would recommend the Omelet Place if you eat a lot, lol.

We stayed at The Orleans again.  We gambled the rest of the day.  I never was hungry for a meal after the omelet.  My son and I did go to Baskin Robbins and got a chocolate shake. After the kids left (not really kids but for this post that's what I'll call them, ha) , I went up to unpack and hippie stayed gambling until 11 p.m. and brought me a chocolate croissant from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  It was yummy.

Tuesday, I awoke to the alarm going off on my phone, I turned over pretty quick and landed on the floor.  I hit part of my head on the nightstand and hit my butt pretty hard. Ouchie!!  I think that's the first time I ever fell out of bed and I wasn't even drunk, LOL.  I had set the alarm because we were meeting the kids.  We went to a place called The Neon Museum They have a lot of old neon signs from different casinos and other places, some of which they are restoring and putting back onto display.  The neon signs I showed in my other posts about Vegas from Freemont Street were from there.  The guide told some interesting facts about the signs.  I would recommend going to this if your ever in Vegas.  After that we ate a place called Firefly  They serve very small amounts of food so you could get several kinds of things.  I wasn't very hungry so I got the chicken skewers and it was enough for me.  I think the kids said it was a Spanish place but I would recommend this place as well.  I think we just went to the food court and ate stuff there for supper.  We gambled the rest of the time.  Because it was Fat Tuesday, they had a little band go through the whole casino every hour and they gave out beads. 

We hadn't planned on doing any shows.  We wanted to mostly relax and gamble, kinda low key.

On Wednesday was our son's birthday.  We went to the food court for lunch.  His girlfriend is a Vegan and he doesn't get a lot of meat so he got a hamburger from Fuddruckers.  For supper we went to Battista's Hole in the Wall Restaurant again he got a big steak.    Since it was Ash Wednesday for me I got cheese ravioli which was excellent. We also had that excellent cappuccino, yummy. Another place I would recommend.  It was very crowded but luckily girlfriend made reservations and we didn't have to wait long.   Then back to gambling.

On Thursday, more food court for lunch. Another hamburger for son lol.  They had a bowling alley in the place we were staying so we all bowled two games.  None of us had bowled for a long time but we had fun and that's all that counts.  For supper we went to TGI Fridays and son got a rack of ribs which are his favorite.  Hippie got ribs and lobster so son got to take his ribs home with him.  They took all the leftovers home, from Battistan's too so he had plenty of stuff to eat after we left.  Then more gambling.  When the kids left, I gambled for a little bit and hippie stayed and gambled more.  He got propositioned by a hooker when he was at one of the bars.  Luckily, he turned her down  but he has a good story to tell his buddies now.  I got another chocolate croissant. 

I lost $225 gambling but hippie won, yippee!  We're not sure how much he exactly won because he didn't keep track of it.  He originally put in $100 and played with that the whole time.  We figured out of everything we spent, with the money he won, we spent a little less than $400 which we were delighted with considering all the food, money to the kids for gambling and miscellaneous stuff.    I told him too bad we didn't stay longer we might have recouped our air fair and well  ;-)

I think this should be our last trip to Vegas until next year but you never know.

We came back to the 30's and flurries.  After being in that weather, I can only hope that spring is right around the corner. 


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Welcome Home......more fun in the sun for you soon!
You have my tummy growling or is that the 5 week old bear cubs on Ustream I'm watching and listening to. ;0)
ENOUGH can't be said about vacations!
THX for your comments Viki. (((hugs))))Pat

Ames said...

LOL! I got up from bed one morning and fell right on my face. Good thing I didn't break anything. I cried like a baby. My feet just went out from under me. I hear it bad whenyou break a hip.

A hooker huh? too funny!
Say we've never been to Vegas. I will take notes from your trip and hang on to them. I'm sure we will get there someday.
I thought winter went clear up to March?~Ames

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had another great trip...hard to believe the son is 30!! man we must be aging.