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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mrs. Dunkin #17

This is an ongoing story I've decided to write and put on my blog every Monday.   Please excuse the errors, I'm only doing limited editing.  Constructive criticism welcome.  I wish I had a cute button on the side where the story could go but I don't know how to make a button.  Even if I did I wouldn't know how to link up the story LOL.   So if you miss a chapter, you'll have to look at my sidebar for it.  The first chapter was written on October 23, 2011 so that should at least be some help, ha.


Sunday morning, I got up at 5 a.m.  Breakfast wouldn’t be ready for a few more hours, so I hopped into the shower.

When I was done, I came out in my robe and looked through my clothes trying to figure out what I would wear.  I decided I would wear a dress.  I got all my undergarments out then went to the drawer, unlocked it and pulled out my jewelry box.  I got a pair of pearl earrings out, left them on top of the dresser and put the jewelry box back in the drawer.  I went into the bathroom and got my clothes on.  I then came out and started blow drying my hair.  I hadn’t worn it in an updo for many years; I wondered if I still remembered how to do it.  I fiddled with it for about a half an hour and with no success just brushed it down. 

I then went to get the earrings and they were gone.  I got down on my knees and looked under the dresser thinking I had knocked them off. 

“Annie, are you all right?  Did you fall?” and Sheila came running into the room.

“No, I’m fine dear.  I was just looking for something.”

“Here, let me help you” she said.  “Can I help you find whatever you’re looking for?”

“No, it’s not that important.”

“Okay, here are your pills.  The residents are starting to get ready for breakfast if you want to eat in the day-room.”

“I’ll be there soon” and Sheila left.

“Now what did I do with those earring” I said out loud to no one.  "Maybe I really didn’t take them out."
I unlocked the drawer, pulled out the box and looked through all the jewelry and couldn’t find them. 

“Annie, are you going down for breakfast” Clara asked as she wheeled into my room. 

“Yes, I was going to” and turned to her with tears in my eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“I put my pearl earrings on the dresser and when I came back from getting dressed they were gone.  I looked on the floor thinking they fell and then I thought maybe I didn’t take them out but they aren’t in my jewelry box so I must have.  What could have happened to them?”

“I bet I know.  Remember I told you about the thief, Annie” and as she said it she made quote marks with her hands. “I would bet money on it that Bessie took them when you were getting dressed.  It sounds right up her alley.”

“I forgot about her.  My son is coming this morning and he bought me the earrings years ago.  I wanted to wear them.  I wonder how we can find out if she took them.”

“I’ll be right back” Clara said.

About ten minutes later, Clara wheeled back into my room and said “Are these your earrings?”

“Yes, they are.  How did you find them?”

“Bessie once told me about a place in her room where she keeps all her valuable things.  She was down in the day-room so I snuck in her room and looked and there they were.  She’ll never know they are missing.”

“I guess I won’t be able to leave anything out for even a second.  Thanks for the help.  Let me get these in my ears and then we can go down for breakfast.”

They were already serving breakfast when we got to our table.  We had cream of wheat, pancakes and sausages.  They had music playing and someone had put little pots of different colored mums on all the tables. 

We were finishing up eating when I saw Jerry coming towards me.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Hi Jerry, I didn’t expect to see you so early.”

“I went to Church last night.  Sue and the kids are there now.  We had plans to go to Sue’s family today.  She said to tell you she’ll see you next week.”

“Okay.  Jerry, this is Clara.”

“Nice to meet you Clara” and he shook her hand.  “It’s a beautiful day, Mom.  Let’s go outside for our visit.”

“That would be great.  I’ll see you later Clara.”

Jerry told the nurse we were going outside.  As we walked to the doors someone was coming in and we walked out.


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Ames said...

I have always thought stealing ran amuck in nursing homes. That is sad.Viki I have been hearing that Blogger is going to do away with their Follow Me button so I have joined up on Linky Friends. You should too. That way we won't lose touch. I'll check back to see if you have and I'll link up with you then.~Ames