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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Let's Celebrate

My neighbor had an extra ticket to Disney on Ice.  I went with her and her two daughters.  I hadn't been to an ice show since my son was a toddler. 

She had free tickets.  We were very surprised we had really good seats.  Unfortunately, all the pictures I took came out blurry. 

The theme was "Let's Celebrate."  All the Disney characters were there.  Mostly all the princesses, I never saw the movies though, ha!!  All after my son's time of watching Disney movies, although we probably wouldn't have gone to see those movies anyhow.

The kids in the audience really got into it especially when the witch from Sleeping Beauty was trying to get Mickey Mouse to take a bite of the apple.  They were all yelling "no" when he asked them if he should take a bite, ha!!

It was cute to see a lot of little girls dressed up in princess garb.  I've noticed on some blogs I read kids are really into wearing costumes now when they go places.  Thank goodness, those days for me are over. lol

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