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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Random thoughts

1.  We bought a new TV for Christmas. Our old one finally bit the dust.  Hippie went and picked it out.  We were supposed to get the size we had which was big but he bought an even bigger one (men, huh). It's a smart TV.  We had to have hippie's brother come and set it up so we could watch it, ha!  Your supposed to be able to do the internet on it but we haven't set that part up yet, if we ever do.

2.  The treadmill room is beginning to be a catch all room.  We put the old TV in there until it can be taken to the tree lawn.  We took mom's old TV stand out of that room. There was a bunch of her old stuff in there which is now piled up on a couple of dining room chairs that I keep in there, among other stuff that I don't have a place for.  Ay yi yi! This room could get out of hand.

3.  My son and his girlfriend bought me a lighted bake shop for Christmas.  I guess I'm finally going to be starting a village.

4.  My brother and his wife got hippie and me some gift cards, also a fruit basket.  I always wanted a fruit basket but why does it make me feel old.

5.  Magellan and her boyfriend came over this past Saturday.  We ordered pizza.  I made a salad.  Hippie bought a French Silk Pie, yummy.  Her and I drank a bottle of Riesling.  By 10:30, they left.  She practically fell asleep on the couch while her boyfriend laid on the other couch.  Ha, ha. At least we know they felt comfortable in our home, eh?

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My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

:0) You will truly enjoy creating a Christmas Village.
I have!