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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Errant Cats

Last Tuesday, son and daughter-in-law picked up 2 cats from a no kill shelter.

I guess they probably got 2 because Lenny and Fred are best buds as it said on the shelter's website, lol.  They are not too friendly yet with the humans they are living with, I guess it will just take time.  They haven't seen much of them because so far they've been hiding together different places.

I think it was on Thursday, son called and said wife couldn't find the cats and was looking all over for them so he got up and helped.  Turns out they jumped behind their stove @@.  Apparently, the stove can't be pulled out.  He said it was a pretty narrow space and they thought the cats wouldn't be able to get out.  They called maintenance and they were supposed to come on Saturday but they would have to pay out of pocket because they would have to remove part of the counter to get the stove out.  Oh Brother!

They ended up taking a picture and taking it to the shelter where they got them from.  They told them to wait until Monday to see if they come out unless they start crying.  Apparently, the shelter said sometimes they wouldn't see them for a week.  (Crazy!)

Luckily, son texted Saturday and said the cats got free on their own.  Hopefully, they've figured out some way to block their passage way to behind the stove. 

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