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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update on Mom

Mom is doing much better. As soon as we got here, I gave her a water pill. When she got up this morning a lot of the swelling had gone down already. Last night after Ron went to bed she finally seemed back to normal - no confusion. This morning I talked to her about what happened. As far as the sitting on the toilet, she said she just couldn't get up. She has the riser on the toilet and I'm not sure if because she was retaining so much water if that's why she couldn't get up or what. They have these bars that go to the floor but I don't think they would fit around the toilet so she could use those to help herself up. As far as the confusion, she says she realizes she has that sometimes. I don't know what we'll do about the toilet situation. She said she'll just go on the portable one but maybe Ron can rig something up for the regular one. I will probably keep her here at least until all the swelling is done with. I might just have to bring her here every few weeks for a few days. Only one more week and Ron will be retired. Thank goodness!!

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Sue said...

Viki, glad to hear your mom is doing better. Hopefully all of her swelling will go away with taking the water pills.