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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Since the economy is so bad, I've been looking at ways we could cut our bills if we have to. One is the phone. We have call waiting and caller ID. I wanted the call waiting originally in case something happened to A when he was at school. Then later in case Mom had to reach me. Well, A's not in school any more and Mom's here for now. I still like the idea if something would happen that I would still get the call. As far as the caller ID, I think I just wanted that because it was the in thing. I very rarely screen my calls and don't answer the phone. Although I do like to see whose calling before I pick up. If we cut out the call waiting we would save $71.76 a year and the caller ID would be $119.40 a year.

Our cable bill is outrageous. We got hooked into a lot of pay stations with a lower price at first and then they were upped after the initial period. Add the internet and you can imagine how much we pay.

For now, we don't really need to do anything but I feel we are probably wasting money. Has anyone cut back on their services?

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Sue said...

Viki, if you have a ansering machine just let it pick up your call and if it is someone you what to talk to just pick it up, you then could elimanate caller ID. As far as Call waiting just let the person call back, if it is important they will. We don't have any of that stuff with our phone.
We were thinking about getting Direct TV instead of cable but I suppose they would raise their prices also and then it would be as high as our cable.You can't win.