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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I was missing some dinner forks. I had some gift certificates from Christmas so we bought some new flatware. I spent the morning cleaning and washing the silverware holder and going through all the other stuff I had in that drawer.

After putting the new flatware in, I moved onto the drawer that I have a bunch of cooking utensils in. Not to be confused with the utensils that I have in a crock on the counter ;-) I put some of that stuff in the basement. Man, I really have a lot of cooking utensils.

Then I moved to the canisters. I was only really using one for my instant coffee. I don't really use sugar or flour that much so I have them in a cupboard. So three are in the process of being washed and will go down the basement.

There were plenty of other cleaning things I could have done today but this was pretty quick and easy.


Sue said...

That is really nice flatware. I like the design.

Viki said...

Ron picked it out.

Sue said...

Well then I guess he has good taste.
Are you going to the Home and Garden Show this year. I know you enjoy that.

Viki said...

No, I haven't been for a few years.