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Friday, May 27, 2011

Still Day 1

Our flight went surprisingly well.  I did take an Ativan before we left, ha.  I slept a lot on the way.  The security check was pretty easy.  We just had to go through a metal detector and of course take off our shoes. 

Our son and his girlfriend picked us up at the airport after we landed.  We had some time before we could check in so we went to see their apartment.  While we were there, we walked to a Starbucks. 

They dropped us off at The Luxor and we laid down and rested for a while.  We really didn't want to do much because we had gotten up around 5:30 a.m.

When they picked us up, we went to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.  If you watch the History Channel you'll know what I'm talking about.

It was very crowded with all of us tourists coming to see the shop.  Hippie recognized some of the things for sale from the show.  None of the people on the show were there though.

When we were done, we went to a really good restaurant called Battista's Hole in the Wall Restaurant.  Each table got two free carafe's of wine, one white & one red.  You could get more if you drank it but we didn't.  After you were done eating, everyone got an espresso that had whipped cream in it.  It tasted more like a dessert drink and was EXCELLENT.  An old man with an accordion came to each table and asked where we were from.  When we told him he said, "I bet you don't think I know any Ohio songs" and he played The Ohio State University fight song.  We figured he must have learned all the university songs from each state LOL.

After we ate and drank, we went back to our room and I was out like a light about 8:30 p.m. Vegas time.

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Vicki aka Jake said...

Sounds like a good start to a lot of fun. Anything with whipped cream has to be good:) Funny about the pawn shop not having the famous ones there. Wouldn't ya know it:) Waiting for the next post...