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Friday, September 14, 2012

Mary #26

This is a continuing story.  If you want to read from the beginning, please go to my side bar to the labels and click on story-Mary or click here.


Jimmy and Donna came hurriedly out of the elevator and to the waiting Elizabeth.  They both hugged her and she started to cry.  Donna gave Mary a hug and said "It's good to see you Mary.” 

"You too Donna" and then they both concentrated on Elizabeth. 

"There's a little room over there” Jimmy said. “Why don't we go in there and talk Elizabeth?” 

They all stood up and started walking to the room and Mary said "I'll wait for Jody and send her in when she gets here.” 

"Okay” Jimmy said. 

A few minutes later, she saw Jody walking into the room.  

"Hi Jody, they're all in that little room over there.  Why don't you just go in?” 

"Okay, are you coming?” 

"No, I think I'll wait out here.” Jody walked into the room and shut the door. 

After an hour or so, they all came out with tears in their eyes.  Everyone sat down except Elizabeth who went to the nurse's station in ICU and talked to the nurse.  She came out and told Jimmy, Donna and Jody that they could go in and see Mitch. Elizabeth sat down next to Mary as the others went in.  Mary grabbed Elizabeth's hand and she could feel it tremble.  

"You know Mary with the breast cancer I thought I would go before Mitch.  I never thought he would be first.”  She grabbed the prayer shawl that was on the chair and wrapped herself in it and held Mary's hand.

"You'll get through this, and I'll be right by your side Elizabeth.” 

When they all came out Elizabeth said.  "You all go home now.  I want to be with Mitch at the end.” 

Jimmy said, "You shouldn't be by yourself.  I can stay with you and then I'll drive you home.” 

"Thanks but this is something I have to do by myself. Mary can wait out here until he's gone.  Mary you wouldn't mind if I come back to your Ma and Pa's and stayed the night would you?  The farm was always like a second home to me.” 

"Whatever you want.   Don't worry everyone; I'll take care of her.”  

They hesitantly walked up to Elizabeth and gave her a hug. 

Jimmy gave Mary a hug and then whispered in her ear "Call me if you need me.” 

"Okay" Mary said and they all left.

After everyone was gone, Elizabeth said "The doctor's going to be coming in about a half hour.  I'm going to go and be with Mitch.”

"Do you want me to come with you?”

"No, I need to do this by myself. There's some things I need to tell Mitch “and she went into Mitch's room. 

When she left, Mary felt her phone vibrating and said "Hello.”

 "I know I told you to call me but I've been worried about you and wanted to see how things were going.”

"Not good Eli, Elizabeth’s in with Mitch now and she's waiting for the doctor to come.  They are going to take him off the ventilator.” 

"That's too bad.  Do you want to call me when you get home, I could come over?”

 "No, Elizabeth is going to come back with me and spend the night.” 

"That will probably be good for her.  I won't keep you then.  Call me when you get a chance.” 

"I definitely will.”

“I'll be waiting to hear from you.  Hang in there.”  Mary hung up the phone. 

She got up and walked around the waiting room a little.  Then she walked over to the door of Mitch's room and peeked through the window.  She saw Elizabeth lying on the bed with Mitch.  She had put the prayer shawl over him and was stroking his hair.  Mary began to tear up and she went back to the waiting room. 

 Mary felt her phone vibrating again.  She could see it was Sadie and she said "Hello?” 

"Hey, what happened I thought you were going to call me to tell me how your dinner went with Eli?” 

"Sorry, I completely forgot about it.  Sadie, you wouldn't believe how more complicated my life has gotten since I last talked to you.” 

"Eli” Sadie asked. 

"Heavens no, right now I'm at a hospital.  Elizabeth has to take her husband off a ventilator which means he's going to die.   She has Stage 4 breast cancer.  I found out I had a twin that died when I was born that I never knew about.  I think I'm about to lose my mind any second.”

"Holy Smokes, do you want me to come?” 

"Thanks, Sadie but Elizabeth is going to come home with me after Mitch passes.  I don't know how long she'll be staying.  She's supposed to start chemo which she is rethinking. I think it's probably best if her and I have alone time.”  Mary noticed that the doctor and nurse went into Mitch's room. 

"Okay, Mary.” 

"I've got to go Sadie.  The doctor just went into his room.  I'll try to call you in a few days when my life is less complicated.  I love you Sadie.” 

"I love you too Mary.  Please try to take care of yourself.  Bye.”  Mary hung up her phone and just waited.

About 20 minutes later, the doctor came out and looked very solemn.  A half hour went by and the nurse that had given her water earlier came to her and said "Mr. Connell is gone.  He died pretty quickly after he was taken off the ventilator.  Mrs. Connell is asking for you.” 

"What do I say to her?” 

"You just say how sorry you are and be her friend.  That's what she's going to need right now.  Someone she can talk to and can listen to her.  Go on you can do it” the nurse said. 

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