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Friday, September 28, 2012

Mary #28

This is a continuing story.  If you want to read from the beginning, please go to my side bar to the labels and click on story-Mary or click here.


Mary started opening closets and drawers and Elizabeth looked through the clothes. 

"Mary you still have your old high school sweatshirt too" and she laughed.

"Yeah, it's one of my most prized possessions.  Those were the days.”

"I think I'll try on these jeans.  They look like they will fit me.”  As Elizabeth took off her clothes Mary could see Elizabeth was much thinner than she was when they were younger. 

"I think these look good.  Good thing you were always the skinny one" Elizabeth said.

“I always thought you had a beautiful curvy figure and always envied you.  I could never wear clothes like you with my stick figure body.” 

"Thanks, Mary.  You have a way with words.  I just haven't been able to eat much this whole time everything was happening with Mitch.  The weight just came off me fast.  At least, that's what I hope is why.”

"You should call the oncologist today and get an appointment.  With everything that's happened, you should probably talk about getting your chemotherapy started right away.”

"I know but I'll do it tomorrow.  I want at least one more day before I have to deal with it.  One more day won’t make a difference.”

"Okay, Elizabeth but I'm going to hound you tomorrow until you do it.  Let's find you a top.”

They found the perfect blue top.  Mary remembered they shared the same shoe size so she grabbed an extra pair of tennis shoes and gave them to Elizabeth to put on.

They both went downstairs and Mary's cell phone was ringing.  Mary could see it was Jimmy calling.

"Hi, Jimmy.  What's up?” 

"How's she doing?” 

"She's about as well as can be expected right now.  I'll let you talk to her.”  She handed the phone to Elizabeth and then went out to sit on the rocker, closing the front door to avoid listening to the conversation. 

After a while, Elizabeth came out and sat on the other rocker.  She could tell from the red eyes and nose that she had been crying. 

They just sat for a while looking out to the road not saying a word.  "Mary, would you take me home so I can get some clothes to bring back and meet Jimmy?”

"Sure, you want to go now?” 

"Yes, Jimmy said he would be there soon.” 

They both got up and Mary went and got her keys.  They got in her car and headed off to Elizabeth's house. 

"You know your brother is a very nice person.  He's been such a big help to me during this whole time.  He wanted to pick me up and take me home but I told him I wasn't ready to stay there.  I told him you would take me to pick up some clothes and to meet him.  He's going to cut the grass and I'm going to give him the keys to the garage.” 

Elizabeth lived in town and although Mary had never been to her house she knew exactly where it was.  She felt a little uneasy going to Mitch's house but she had to do it for Elizabeth.   

They pulled up to Elizabeth's house and Jimmy was sitting on the front porch waiting for them.  He stood up as they pulled into the driveway and went to the passenger's side of the car and helped Elizabeth get out.  They hugged as Mary got out of the car.  They all walked up to the front door.  Elizabeth got the house keys out and opened the front door.  As she walked in Jimmy was at her side ushering her to the sofa in the living room. 

"Jimmy, can you get me some water?”  

He got up and Mary sat by her side in silence.

When Jimmy returned Elizabeth had a couple of sips of water and then said "You can stay here Mary, Jimmy and I are going to the garage.” 

"Okay" Mary said. 

Mary looked around the living room while she sat on the sofa.  She thought the house decor looked like something out of Country Living.  She thought Elizabeth should have gone into the decorating field.  She got up and started looking at some of the photos that were placed on the walls and on tables.  It had been a while since she had seen Mitch but he looked as handsome as ever.  She was surprised to see a picture of her and Elizabeth on one of the shelves when they were younger with her holding Lulu.

She heard the back door open and Jimmy came into the living room. 

"Mary, Elizabeth's in your car.  She found one of Mitch's shirts in the garage and broke down and didn't want to come back in the house.  I think you better just take her back to Ma and Pa's.” 

"Okay, Jimmy.  I'll talk to you later, bye.”  As Mary rushed back to the car, she could see Elizabeth crying and holding a blue plaid flannel shirt.  When she got in, Elizabeth immediately grabbed Mary in a hug for dear life. 

They sat there for a while when Elizabeth let go and said, "Mary, do you think you could come back and get some of my clothes?  I just couldn't do it.” 

"Whatever you need me to do Elizabeth" and she started the car and they drove back.

When they got to the homestead, Elizabeth seemed drained.  

"Elizabeth, why don't you go upstairs and lay down for a while.” 

"Okay, here are my keys to the house.” 

"I'll go back right now while you’re resting.  Do you want anything in particular?” 

"Get me jeans, shirts.  You'll know what I need.” 

"I might be gone for a while.  I was thinking of stopping at the grocery store and picking up a few things.” 

"That's fine.  You don't have to hurry back.  Mary thanks, I don't know what I would do without you.” 

Elizabeth headed upstairs and Mary went to her car.  She sat for a while just trying to catch her breath and thinking about all that had transpired since she came home.

She decided to give Sadie a quick call.  Sadie picked up on the second ring.  "Hi Mary, how are things going?” 

"I don't have a lot of time but I wanted to call and fill you in a little.  Elizabeth's a wreck and I'm going to her home now to pick up some clothes while she rests.  I feel so bad for her.  I don't know that I can handle this.” 

"If anyone can handle this Mary Jenkins, it's you.  You are one of the nicest, kindest people I know.” 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I feel overwhelmed.  Elizabeth is falling apart and I'm so worried about her.  This can't be good for her cancer.  I'm hoping to get her to call her oncologist tomorrow so she can see about getting treatment started.” 

"That would probably be the smart thing to do.  Just keep reminding her even though her husband's gone, he would want her to go on with her treatment.” 

"How's everything with work and my apartment?” 

"Everything's good over here.  Actually it's pretty boring compared to what you have going on.  Is anything happening with you and Eli?” 

"He called me right before I was going to see Elizabeth at the hospital yesterday but I haven't had a chance to call him back.” 

"Maybe you should call him and have him come over.  It would give you and your friend something else to think about.” 

"Yes, I guess, maybe.  Oh, I don't know.  Well, I hate to cut this short but I better get going.  I don't want to leave her alone too long by herself.  I love you Sadie.” 

" Same here call again when you can” and they hung up.  

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