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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mrs. Dunkin #21

This is a continuing story.  To see the rest click here. 


I went to the bathroom and put new lipstick on.  I gathered up the papers that Jill wanted and headed for the day-room, Julie would be coming to pick me up soon.  As I walked past Clara’s room, I could see she was in her bed napping.

I sat at a table when Bessie came and sat with me.  “I love your earrings” she said.  “I have a pair just like them.”

“You do?  Where did you get them from?”

“I got them from my parents when I turned 21.”

“How lovely and what a wonderful gift.”

“Right now though, they are lost.”

“How dreadful.”

“Mom, are you ready to go” Julie asked as she walked up to the table.

“Yes Julie, this is Bessie”.

“Hi” and Bessie left the table before Julie could even open her mouth.

“Do they know I’m leaving?”

“I just talked to the nurse.  Let’s get going.  Everyone’s waiting in the car.”

We walked to the outside and Julie sat in the back with the kids and I sat in front with Ralph.

Ralph gave me a hug and the kids yelled “Hi Grandma.”

“Hello children.  It’s so nice to see everyone.”

“Did you remember my stuff grandma?”

“I sure did” and I handed the papers back to Jill.

“Thanks Grandma.”

“So, where are we going for your birthday dinner, Ralph?”

“The same place we always go Mom, The Steakhouse.  You know that’s my favorite place” and we laughed.

We quickly got there as it was right down the place from the nursing home.  We all filed out of the car and into the restaurant.  Luckily, Julie called ahead and they had a table waiting for us. 

“I’m happy you decided to join us for my birthday dinner.  It wouldn’t have been the same without you” Ralph said and we took our seats at the table.

We all looked at the menu, while the waitress brought us glasses of water.

“Can I get you anything else to drink” she said.

The kids got coke, Ralph got a beer and Julie and I got a glass of wine.

After we ordered our food, the children asked if they could play the video games they had off to the side of the restaurant.  Ralph pulled some change out of his pocket and the kids were off.

“So, how are you doing Mom” Ralph asked.

“Surprisingly well, it’s not as bad as some people think.”

“Mom, that’s probably because of the type of person you are.  You’ve always made the best of any situation” Julie said. 

“I emailed with Stella today.  She said she’s got the flu.”

“She called me last night to see how you were doing and I was worried about her. Ralph and I stopped by there before we came.  Ralph listened to her chest and we think she has pneumonia. I told her I thought she should go to the hospital.   She promised she would call the doctor tomorrow.”

“I wonder why she told me she was getting better.  Make sure you call her tomorrow and see if she called.”

Just then the waitress brought our food and the kids came back to the table. 

“So Grandma, I’m going to be a princess for Halloween” Jill said.

“I’m going to be a pirate” Jack chimed in.

“That’s wonderful children.  Halloween isn’t going to be for a while though.”

“Grandma!! You can’t fool us.  We’re old enough to know that Halloween is this next weekend” and they both giggled.

“Yep, you’re right no fooling you two anymore” and I hoped no one would realize I really didn’t know Halloween was coming so soon.

“So children, how is school going?”

We listened and laughed as they told us all about school.  Then the waitress brought Ralph a little cake with birthday candles on it and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. 

Then we all got in the car and went back to the nursing home.  “I hate to cut the party short but I’m tired and will probably lie down for a while.”

“That’s okay Mom.  I’ll walk you in.”

“We’ll see you soon, Mom” Ralph said.

“Grandma, we’ll come and show you our costumes on Halloween.  Bye.”

“I’ll look forward to it kids.  Bye”

Julie walked me to the day-room and I told her I was fine and she could go.  I went down to my room.  I looked in the mirror and said “How could you have forgotten it was going to be Halloween so soon” and lay on the bed. 

I put my nightgown on, went to bed and fell right to sleep.

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