The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Random thoughts

1.  Way to go Michelle Chamuel, for making it to the final three on The Voice.

2.  I must be hearing too much country music on The Voice, practically every song I'm hearing on their sounds country to me lol.

3.  I've been on the computer obsessively typing since last Friday.  Somewhere I got a new story in my head and since then it has been my new obsession.  I've even stopped reading.  I love it when the words just flow for me.   I'm sure this too will pass.

4.  My Mary story is on the back burner for now until a muse comes along for that.

5. We were going to visit mom and were stopped at an intersection.  The turning light came on and the people across from us went.  Suddenly, I saw a Mama duck and her babies (there were 5 or 6) crossing the street at the same time.  Luckily, the cars were able to dodge them.  Then the light changed and we had to go so I never got to see if they made it across to the sidewalk.  I thought about taking a picture but I was too distracted fearing that they were going to get run over.  I was worried about those ducks the whole time we were at mom's.  We normally go home another way but we had to stop at the drugstore so we had to go the way we came.  I was apprehensive when we got to that intersection but luckily, there were no dead ducks, ha!

6.  Speaking about the drugstore, I was done taking my prescription Vitamin D a while ago.  I finally picked up the over the counter D, I hope I didn't mess myself up.  I go back in September for a blood test, so I guess I'll see then.

7.  Hippie went fishing again this week, they didn't catch much but at least he caught something.  Although I was surprised, the day they went it was very windy.  In fact he said the waves were so high in the lake, water came over the side and got his pants all wet.  I guess that's the life of a fisherman lol.


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