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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Centus #176

The prompt this week is the word 'Treasure'

Number of words:  Exactly one hundred but don't use the word 'treasure' anywhere in your writing.  
Style of writing: Any
Pictures: Any 

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“Hey Larry, let me see that map again.”

“I know it’s buried here.”

“We’ve been digging for a long time already, and nada, nothing, zip.”

“This is the spot, I’m sure.”

“Why do you believe an old lady at the old folk’s home?”

“Because she and her husband were pirates?”

“You believe that nonsense?”

“Nah, she likes to romanticize things but I figure something must be here.”

“Why did she give you the map?”

“She said there was no one else. Wait, here’s a box” Larry said excitedly.

Looking in he said, “I’ll be darned, maybe she was a pirate.”


lissa said...

so, what treasure did he found - gold, jewelry or some priceless treason? great take on the prompt.

have a sweet day.

Dreaming said...

What fun! I smiled through the entire story... well, with a 100 word limit, it wasn't long, but the story will stay with me... and I will think about what could be in that box!!

Helena Philomena Liebekraft said...

I think winning the lottery would be a quicker way to get rich, but finding a pirate treasure would definitely be much cooler.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

hmmm....i wonder what's in it

Karen S. said...

She is, she is I just bet she is!

Tracy Cook said...

what a treasure

Jenny said...



I want to see!