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Monday, November 18, 2013

Fun November times

1.  I went to the art museum with Magellan and a couple of other Dinner Friends this month. The remodel looked wonderful.  We ate lunch there.  When we were through at the museum, Magellan and I were going to head to 'Little Italy' for supper but she got a call and had to go back to work to do something.  We headed to the bakery in 'Little Italy' though and bought some pastry and coffee.  I went with her to her work and when she was done, we went to an Italian Restaurant closer to home. 

2.  Magellan and I went to a breast cancer survivorship celebration in downtown Cleveland put on by the Cleveland Clinic.  We got breakfast and lunch and there were many interesting speakers about breast cancer and some swag, ha!  Also, Regina Brett, who is a columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer spoke (she is also a bc survivor).  She is such a hoot.  She is also the author of 'God Never Blinks' and her new book which I got at the event but haven't read yet 'Be The Miracle'.

3.  Just got back from Las Vegas last night.  Will write more about this later.  

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Vegas....Lucky You!! -mike