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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We left for Las Vegas on Tuesday and came home Sunday.  The weather was beautiful.  In the 70's and the last couple of days in the 60's.  I gambled with only $100 the whole time.  In the end my total loss was $16, unbelievable, ha...  I consider that pretty good.  Hippie sat next to a woman that won $1300, too bad it wasn't him.  He didn't do well this time.

We went to In and Out for supper one day since we don't have it around here.

We also went to my favorite restaurant Battista's Hole in the Wall.  I love that place.  They give you a free coffee drink at the end of your meal, which I got the recipe for. 

We also went to The Rio for their buffet.  We don't normally go to buffets because hippie and I don't eat our money's worth.  But for locals and guests it's only half price so we went.  Hippie ate more than I've ever seen him eat.  He had crab legs, shrimp and mussels.  I think we all got our money's worth that night.

We've never been to The Bellagio's to see the fountain show so we did that.  How fun.  I took video on my phone but can't seem to get it off my phone.  The Bellagio's had their fall decorations up. 

They were also starting to add some Christmas things.

More later...

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