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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Those were the days...

When our son was young, his friends would congregate in his bedroom and play video games.  As he got older, getting friends that didn’t live within walking distance and we didn't know, we bought a pool table for the basement as well as moving the video games down.  They played poker down there, watched TV and did boy things (like eating us out of house and home).  Eventually, we even got a ping pong top to put over the pool table

When son graduated from high school, he completely moved down there.  It was like his own little apartment.  He commuted first to community college and then to college downtown.  The pool table wasn't being used and with the top over it became a catch all for our son’s junk. 

When he moved to Vegas, hippie cleared the table and it was clean for about 5 minutes until he started using it for a catch all. 

Pool tables are huge, taking up a lot of room. We recently gave it away to our nephew’s son that got married in May.  He had it re-felted from green to red.  

The pool table had served its purpose for us.  At the time, we wanted a place where son’s friends could come and we would know who he was hanging with, getting to know them. I loved that our son’s friends liked spending so much time here.  Sometimes I miss those days but I don’t really miss the pool table, there is so much more room down there now, lol. 


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Wonderful memories were made. :0)

Anonymous said...

The pool table looks really nice- I wish I would of had room for it lol- I'm glad I didn't have to move it but I would of been nice seeing you guys. - mike