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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas with Dinner Friends

Christmas was on Wednesday with my Dinner Friends.  Some of us were going to take the rapid downtown but in the end, we took two cars, eight people.  It worked out well.  At least we figured it out the day before unlike sometimes when on the day we are going to dinner a wrench gets thrown in. Since I call myself the secretary of the group. I'm always the one texting people with the wherefores-going crazy trying to figure it out when it gets messed up then I start whining to them afterwards I don't want to be the secretary anymore, but no one listens lol.

When we got to the parking lot as we started walking to the walkway to the casino  lo and behold we see our friends are right ahead of us, ha!  How convenient to arrive at the same time.

Some of  us (me) lost our reward cards so; (I) we had to get new ones, others didn't have any and had to get a first one.

When that was settled we went to Tower City to the Hard Rock Cafe.  I had a really good pulled pork sandwich and a drink, but only one.   Here's a picture of the tree inside Tower City it was very beautiful.

When we were done eating, we decided to look at the windows outside of the casino that were supposed to be decorated.  Years ago, the casino was a Higbee's Department Stores.  At Christmastime the windows were so creative and beautiful with animation and usually themed.  The Casino is trying to bring them back.  Okay!  I was excited, braved the cold to go outside to look and they were blech.  Kinda cheesy I thought.  Although this is, I think, only the second year they've done it.  Hopefully, they will get better at it.

We were disappointed as well that Public Square wasn't decorated.  They had the big lighting ceremony by Playhouse Square this year. (When I came home and told hippie, he said because of the construction this year they moved it.)

Then we hit the casino.  I played $20.  I won some but when it was time to leave I was back to my original $20, so I would consider that a win. 

We hugged and wished everyone happy holidays and left.  We did drive around Playhouse Square to see the lights.  They were nice and did get to see the Chandelier lit up in the dark too.  All in all, it was a different kind of Christmas than we usually do but it was fun. 


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

The pictures look festive.:0)
Thanks for sharing.
When I was a kid back in the early 40's the stores in Boston had the best window displays.
It was the highlight of the year when my parents took us four there to see Santa.
Nothing stays the same. :0(

Sandi said...

Amazing photos! Beautiful.