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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bad stuff

So there was some bad stuff that happened on our vacation, and I mean BAD stuff.

Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. (Las Vegas time) my cell phone was ringing.  I didn't get to it fast enough but I saw it was the credit card company calling.  They left a message and I called back, to make a long story short someone was using our credit card fraudulently and I had to cancel the card, ugh.  We did have another card but after that I didn't want to take the chance.  Luckily, we had enough money with us.

One day, son, girlfriend and I were in a parking garage and I fell.   I was trying to avoid a column and went too close to the parking curb.  I didn't notice it and I tripped and couldn't get my balance, down I went. First on my knees, then on my face or more accurately my nose.  I was so lucky though.  I only scraped the bridge of my nose and my knees.  No broken bones, teeth or glasses.  Girlfriend went in the casino and got someone to come out and look at me.  Someone came and they called the paramedics.  Also, some guys from the hotel/casino came asking questions and taking pictures of me.  I thought the paramedics were going to come in an ambulance so I gave my phone to son to take a picture of it, ha.  Always a blogger.  I didn't see what the paramedics came in but they asked if I wanted an ambulance to take me to the hospital but I said no.  (so, no ambulance picture, lol).  At the time, I was mainly worried if my nose was broken but thank goodness it wasn't.  They really didn't have any antiseptic (what kind of paramedics were these?) and they told me I would be better to go inside and just use the restroom to clean up which I did.  They gave us some gauze and tape and girlfriend helped me with that.  Actually besides the scrapes, being embarrassed and a little worked up I was fine.  Unfortunately, I didn't fall from drinking I think it was a senior moment.

The day we left and got to the airport, it was like someone turned on a switch.  Before we got on the plane I started coughing and got a runny nose.  I took two Advil's and bought cough drops before we got on the plane.  All the way home, I got sicker as we went.  Turns out the section we were sitting in was hotter than h***.  I mentioned it to the person sitting next to me and she thought it was extremely hot as well so it wasn't just me.  I told the flight attendant and she said she would check.  A while later she came back and said it was one of those fluke things where the front and the back of the plane were good and the middle was just hot.  Nothing could be done, ugh!

Then there was the day before we left when the maid service didn't clean our room.  I called down and asked that they at least send up some coffee for the morning which they never did.

Also, when we got home, when hippie opened our luggage there was a notice in it that TSA did a random check and opened our suitcase, ha...  I figured maybe they x-rayed it and saw all the stuffed animals in it and wondered what the heck they were. 

Oh well, stuff happens ;-)

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My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

How did someone get your credit card number?
The other stuff was a pain too. Glad it wasn't worse than it was and you had some good times too.