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Friday, January 2, 2015

Las Vegas misc.

1.  First time since we've been coming to Vegas every morning wasn't sunny.  There were a few cloudy days.

2.  Last time we were in Vegas there was the Burlesque convention, this time there was a rodeo competition in town at different places.  Where we stay there is an arena, and they had the rope competition in it.  A lot of cowboys and cowgirls stayed at our hotel/casino.  I never saw so many cowboy hats and boots before.  It was really pretty cool.  Also, the casino played a lot more country music.

3.  At the food court they have a Fuddrucker's.  Son always eats hamburgers from their when we come.  I finally had one, it was yummy.  I wish I would have known they were so good, I would have eaten one every time we came.  We don't have any in Ohio, I don't think.  Even hippie tried them this time and got them twice after I went up to the room, lol. 

4.  What son and I do eat there is a hot dog vendor close to the betting tables.  I usually wouldn't come down from the room until 12 or 1.  When I did, son would always get hot dogs for us.  They are the best.

5.  When son, girlfriend and I went to the buffet I got a self serve ice cream cone for dessert.  Who knew it was so hard to swirl the ice cream in the cone from the machine?

6.  Hippie got propositioned again by a hooker, ha!  She gave him her card just in case for when we come back.

7.  One night when walking to our room we smelled something awful.  It smelled like skunk.  A couple days later, hippie remembered a conversation we had with someone a while back about some marijuana smelling like skunk.  I think we solved the mystery!   

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