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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Drip, drip, drip

I've said a bunch of times on here how much I enjoy the new patio enclosure, which I do;  but... what I've failed to mention is that we've been having issues with it.

Shortly after it was done, we started to notice when it rained there would sometimes be wet spots on the floor.  We could see drips on the ceiling and the underside of the gutter.  We waited about a month before we called.

The patio manager came out and looked at it the following week.  Then it took another week before someone came and fixed it.   Fine.  A couple of days later it rained and some of the same issues cropped up. It was over the weekend and we called on a Monday. 

It took two weeks again but then the manager came out this past Monday and supposedly fixed it.  This time I had pictures of some of the issues.  He said it might take a couple of days for the water to get out from the gutter problems.  All right!

Wednesday it started raining.  Still have a few gutter issues but not as bad.  Now I'm wondering if this is still the residual effects he told us about.  I'm thinking not.

One of the leaks inside that only happened once cropped up on Wednesday as well, which when it happened, I hadn't taken a picture of it. UGH.  I told him about it when he was here but when he looked on the roof he didn't see anything, although he did caulk around the edge.

Since I wrote this, late this afternoon another wet spot showed up, sigh... 

This is getting frustrating and even though it's not as bad, it's bringing back bad memories from the experience we had from the company that may or may not rhyme with blows  LOL.

I do really love the patio enclosure though, ha,ha!!!


Ames said...

Well that sucks. I would have to say give me my money back.~Ames

Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be dissapointing. Hold your ground.... I'm sure they will eventually make it right. -mike