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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Centus #74

It's Saturday Centus again - in a nutshell, Jenny Matlock gives us a prompt from either herself or a guest submitter and then we have to write 100 words or  less related to the prompt (the prompt doesn't count toward the 100 words) Then link it up to her blog. It's open until the following Saturday, so that means you have all week to participate by either reading or writing.  The prompt is in blue.

"The number you have reached is no longer in service."
"No longer in service?"  She put the receiver down stunned.
Her furniture was coming from cross country and should have been there by now.
Her mind was going a mile a minute with worry.

A little later, she looked out the window and saw a moving truck coming.
She went out the front door as it stopped in front.  The driver got out.
"Sorry we're late; bad weather."
 "Did you know your phone is out of service?"
"We'll get your things moved in first and then I'll check on it."
"Go right ahead," and she sighed with relief. 


Ames said...

This very thing happened to my neighbor. What a scary thing to feel. I am sure her heart dropped down into her stomach!~Ames

beckyp said...

that would worry me too Good thing they showed up

Cheryl said...

Nicely done, Viki.

Leslie said...

the story if they didnt come would have another set of complexities
nice Centus

Nonna Beach said...

So true to life Viki...Great job !

One time, we got orders to Illinois and then they were canceled and new orders were given to Virginia instead AFTER our moving truck had been gone a couple of days. Having moved many times, reading this I got a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach, just like back then, not knowing where the heck our stuff was. Glad it all worked out in your story ! said...

I'm relieved for her. Great job taking us on a mini-emotional rollercoaster.

Judie said...

WOW! That's scary! Glad they didn't make off with her belongings!!!

Karen S. said...

I am shaking...oh so scary for sure...but excellently written! Thanks!

Sue said...

Whew. That WOULD be a relief!


cj Schlottman said...

Happy endings are hard to come by, and you made one happen!


Dazee Dreamer said...

Scary. I would have been having an anxiety attack. Very good use of the prompt.

The Cello Strings said...

love happy ending.

well done.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh! That would be horrible! What a great take on the Centus. I really liked it. laurie @ Battling My Inner Critic

Jenny said...

Oh wow. What an incredibly believable scenario! What a clever use of this prompt!