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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Centus #102

The prompt this week is: "Why oh why oh why..."
Number of words: 100 PLUS the five words of the prompt for a maximum word count of 105
Style of writing: Query
Pictures: As many extra pictures as you like
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 The prompt is in blue.  BTW, this is true. I don't live there now.
My neighborhood in my younger days was a time when people took great pride in caring for their homes. 

Why oh why oh why did the city allow slum landlords to buy there?  The area slowly started to deteriorate.  Then the housing crisis happened which didn’t help matters.        

There are a lot of homes in disrepair, abandoned and empty lots where homes once stood. You can find homes though where people still care.

My brother told me this weekend the home my great grandparent’s, grandparent’s and mom lived in was torn down a while ago.          

 I was mad; then just sad.


Sue said...

It IS sad.


Nonna Beach said...

Oh, how very sad...the home may be long gone but no one can EVER tear down or expunge all your memories !

Cheryl said...

It's happening everywhere and it's always sad to realize that these days, you really can't go home since it's often not there.

Karen S. said...

Oh I know, it is a sad thing, and a down right hurtful thing as well. The best thing they can never take away are all our wonderful memories. Funny thing I read other bloggers, like Jenny with her old farmhouse stories, and it's through those moments that it's like a part of my life comes back again! Yeah for all of us to be here and stick it out through all the thick and thin...and be able to vent stuff out as well! We are all so blessed!

Judie said...

I was broken-hearted when my grandparents' farm was torn down to make way for "progress."

Stef said...

That's so sad. And disappointing.

Max Sartin said...

Sad. My home turns 100 this year and I can't imaging tearing it down for a newer home.

Terra said...

I do often wonder why people let their homes go to pot, for me it would be too depressing. I am glad you no longer live their but am sad that things went the way they did.

Jenny said...

So much of our society assumes that new and flashy is better than old, sturdy and charming.

This always makes me so sad, too.

I'm sorry.