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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Centus #114

The prompt this week is:  'He said.   She said.'   The major difference this week is that you ARE ALLOWED TO SPLIT THE PROMPT!  Geez.   Talk about easy.   I should make this much, much harder.  But I'm feeling nice.  So split away.   All dialogue.  Number of words: 100 words PLUS the four words of the prompt.   104 maximum word total.
Style of writing: Any
Pictures: Any additional you want to share

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Prompt is in blue.

He said she was the love of his life.”

She said the same thing.”

“I don’t think they should be giving up.”

“They don’t love each other.”

“What?  They lived together for five years and suddenly after one year of marriage they want a divorce?”

“She wants to move back home but is afraid to ask.”

“So she has her little sister do it? I love being an empty nester especially now that your father moved out.  Why doesn’t she move in with you?”

“She would cramp my style.”

“Unlike me, huh?”

“Is that a no, Mom?”

“I’m not sure.”


Sue said...

Oh dear.

This is not a scenario I would like to experience!


Gail said...

I agree with Sue.

Hope this is fantasy.

Karen S. said...

Hopefully it's fiction, and nicely written!

Carrie said...

My husband would happily take ours back if they ever wanted. :) he loves them too much!

Hope this is just a fiction

Judie said...

Move back home? Uh, yeah, a couple of them have--BUT NOT back on the payroll!! We draw the line there!! Linky is being very bad to me today. It says I'm linked, but it's wrong!!! Waaaaaaa!!

Jenny said...

I've had a few kids move the wrong way, too.

I think I'm too old for it now, though.

I like my own space.

And I like when someone else isn't messing it up!