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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mrs. Dunkin #38

This is a continuing story.  To see the rest click here.  


“It looks empty now without my Christmas village.”

“Yes, it does” Audrey said wistfully.

Suddenly, Nancy came barreling in and said “she gave me a little bit of a hard time.  Thank goodness though; I got her to see things my way.”

“What’s going on” Gladys asked.

“I’m going to be moving in with Clara.”

“Oh that’s wonderful” Clara said and we all agreed. 

“Yes, in a couple of days she told me.  I’m going to start looking through my stuff and see if there’s anything I want to get rid of.  I can’t believe it living here I could accumulate so much stuff.”  

“Hey, when I was coming here they were starting to get ready for lunch.”

Mildred looked at the clock and said “We’d better get going.”

“You go on ahead.  I’m not really hungry” Clara said.

“You should eat a little something” Annie said.  “Can you tell them to bring mine and Clara’s lunch down here?”

“Will do” Gladys said and they all left. 

Maggie walked into the room and jumped right on Clara’s lap “Hey girl, you know I needed someone didn’t you” Clara said as she petted her.

Maggie purred so loud I could hear it from where I was sitting as she snuggled into Clara’s lap.

Cheryl brought our trays in, put them on the table and left.

“Are you sure I can’t tempt you to eat?”

She looked at the tray and said “I’m not hungry really Annie but save me the chocolate cake, I’ll eat it later.”

I ate in silence while Clara kept petting the cat.  When I was done, I took Clara’s piece of cake and put it on my dresser.  Kate came in the room and said “Clara you can go in your room now anytime.”

“I think I’ll go now.  Can you get Cheryl to come and help me to bed?  I’m very tired.  I’ll be in my room waiting.”

“Sure. She’ll be right there.”

When Kate left, Clara said “I’ll see you tomorrow” and she wheeled herself with Maggie still in her lap out of the room.

I wanted to stop Clara from going and being by herself but I knew that’s what she needed.  I just said “See you.”

I decided to lay down for a little bit myself and fell right to sleep.

When I finally got up, it was close to suppertime.  Wow I thought I must have really been tired I slept a long time.  I’ll probably never get to sleep tonight.  I noticed Clara’s cake still on the dresser. 

I saw Cheryl going past my door and I called for her.  

“Did you need something Annie?”

“Yes, could you give Clara’s cake to her?”

“Sure” she took it and I could hear her knock on Clara’s door and go in.

I went to the bathroom and put some water on my face and decided to go to the day-room.  The ladies were all down there.

“How’s she doing” Mildred asked.

“Okay, I suppose.  I think she’s going to just need some time.”

“It’s funny when you come here, how attached we get to the people here” Audrey said.

“That’s because we get to be like family even the ones you don’t like” Nancy answered back laughing.

“You’re so right” Gladys said.   

The dinner trays started to come.  I wasn’t very hungry myself but I picked at the tray and ate a little.  When I was done, I excused myself from the table and I went to the family room and got on the computer.  Not really any email just junk. 

“You must be feeling a whole lot better” Kate said when she came into the room.

“Hour by hour it’s getting better.  I just wish this tiredness would leave.  I feel like I could go to sleep again.”

“That’s your body trying to recoup from the bad week you had.  Just listen to it, it knows exactly what it needs.”

“I supposed you’re right.  I noticed Fred wasn’t out for supper.”

“He’s a little under the weather today; nothing serious with his health.  His wife died around this time and he always gets this way.”

“Oh” and Kate left. 

I decided I would go to my room and I put my nightclothes on and turned the TV on.

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