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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Magellan the fangirl

Magellan and I went to a book signing for Regina Brett.

 She is a  columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

She's written 3 books and we've gone to 3 signings for them:  God Never Blinks;  Be the Miracle; and this last one God is Always Hiring.

For the first signing, we saw her speak at a bookstore.

The second signing was in downtown Cleveland at a breast cancer event I was invited to. (Regina is a breast cancer survivor)

This last signing was at The Gathering Place.  It is a place where people going through cancer or survivors can go to talk, get free reiki, free wigs and many other things. There are 2 of them: east and westside.

Now I like Regina Brett but Magellan is a Fanatical Fan (with capitol F's).  I really have to smile when she talks about how much she loves her.  I would say she is kinda obsessed with her lol.

I have to admit though Regina gives a great talk, is very personable and funny.  We had a good time. 


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