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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fun times

 After we saw the boat, we went for a walk and the woman whose birthday it was, one of her friends she's known for a long time was staying in Marblehead with some of her girlfriends too so we went to see if we could find her.  Turns out she was staying the next street over from us.  It was kind of crazy.  We talked to her for a while.

We went to lunch at a place called Crabby Joes.

 This was our view from where we sat and ate.

Then we went to Ferguson's Gallery

In what was a serendipity moment, one of the Dinner friends noticed a piece of woodworking that looked like something her brother makes.  She talked to a person there and sure enough they had purchased it from him and were selling it.  That was pretty neat!

We then looked through some other stores and one of the friends went ahead.  I saw her go in a place and from afar I thought it was another store that was named Like Us.  She then texted us and said she was in a winery.  As we were walking there, the sign on the sidewalk did say like us but had a facebook insignia above the words.  I guess I did notice it but didn't pay attention or put 2 and 2 together.  The winery wanted people to like them on facebook, duh!

Anyhow, it was called Rocky Point Winery, ha.  I guess there is also an inn there as well but I didn't notice it was until I got home and looked at the picture I took.  We sat in the front on the patio.  In the back they also had seating and you could play cornhole.

After that we had to meet Magellan at the double wide because we were going to a winery to eat.  We ordered a taxi and we were supposed to be picked up at 7:00.  We waited and waited, called again and someone was supposed to be coming.  We went outside to wait.  While out there, one of the friends put line dancing music on her phone and the 7 of us were dancing in the street. It was a blast. However, I hope no one was taping us from one of the houses and we end up on youtube somewhere.

At 7:30, we just drove to the winery it was called Mon Ami

The food was fabulous.  I got pulled pork sliders and french fries.  The others bought wine for a wine tasting.  I didn't.  I didn't want to get ill since I was feeling better.

We went back and had a birthday cake.

The candles were angled so it said 7 0 but you really can't tell.  We had wine, some had jello shots and we made jokes about the friend turning 70.  It was all in good fun though.

The birthday girl and me and another DF went for a walk after dark and ended up at where her friend was staying.  The woman that owned the place gave us a tour.  Wow, it was beautiful.  When you sat on the front porch when you looked out you were right by where the boats docked.  In her dining room they had a big pool table and a juke box.  Party house!  OMG, the master bath was probably the size of my dining room, just wow! They were drinking and playing cards when we got there and there was probably about 6 or 7 woman staying there too.  We didn't stay for drinks and probably stayed 15 minutes.

I ended up laying down around 12:30, I think everyone pretty much went to bed after I did. 

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