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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Newlyweds

So, son and daughter-in-law moved to Iowa last Thursday.  It's been quite the week for them I think.  They took only what could fit into their small Cavalier.  They really didn't have much in furniture in Vegas since they knew they weren't staying.  They sold or gave away everything they didn't take.  Plus, they UPS'd some things.

Son loves their new place since they have 2 bedrooms and a dining room.  However, when they got their the owner had been making repairs for quite a long time so they had no utilities.  Friday they were under the impression their electricity would be turned on.  Nope, an inspector came and they didn't get it turned on until Monday.  Then earlier in the week they came on to turn on the gas but they couldn't because something was wrong with the stove.  Maintenance came to fix it, then gas was restored.  Yesterday I spoke to him and their refrigerator wasn't working.  Again, a call to maintenance.  It needs a new compressor which is supposed to be fixed today.  He doesn't seem too upset about it (I would be, it's not like they didn't know what day they would be coming, ha).  He's just happy maintenance is faster than when they lived in Vegas.

They already went to a resale shop and purchased a couple of desks, end tables and a TV stand (for the TV they don't have right now;-)   They also bought a frame and a mismatched mattress and box spring for a good deal.  At Salvation Army they got some temporary dishes.  A lady was moving out and she gave them a couple of wicker chairs for them to use until they buy something for the living room.

Oh, to be starting out again.  It would be so much fun!

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